Find Prime Contractors for Subcontracting

Marketing your business to a government prime contractor is much like selling to any other entity: You have to find customers who can use your goods or services and convince them that your company is a capable vendor.

Partnering to Win More Government Business

Government contracts often combine a variety of products and services under a single bid or RFP. If your company can't provide all of what's required in a contract, you don't have to give up on participating in it. Instead, consider partnering or teaming with another company.

Presenting a Compelling Subcontractor Proposal

If you want to subcontract for a prime contractor, you may be asked to submit a proposal. Prime contractors usually have specific information they want to see. You'll likely receive a request for qualifications (RFQ) or request for proposal (RFP) explaining these requirements. Below you'll find an explanation of the information you might be required to include:

Teaming Agreements: The Role of the Prime

As the firm that will be legally responsible for executing a government contract, a prime contractor takes the lead in securing the contract and managing its performance. In cases where a prime lacks the expertise or capacity to implement certain components of a project, it will typically establish teaming agreements with subcontractors to handle this work. Generally, a prime will choose all of its subcontractors and form teaming agreements before it submits a bid or proposal — but not always.

Finalizing a Subcontracting Agreement

Being a subcontractor on a government project can be a game-changer for your business — it provides invaluable experience that'll boost your chances for future agency work, and you can make dozens of new contacts within your industry. But subcontracting can also turn into a nightmarish mess of roadblocks and disputes. The key to avoiding all that? The subcontracting agreement. In a subcontracting agreement, the devil is in the details.


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