Case Studies

An Environment for Growth

EHS-International's Challenge

EHS-International, Inc.

One of the leading hazardous-materials management and environmental-consulting firms in the Pacific Northwest, EHS-International (EHSI) of Bellevue, Wash., pursues contracts with a wide array of potential public-sector clients. The firm’s work takes its hazardous-waste managers and environmental consultants to facilities ranging from schools, hospitals, office buildings and courthouses to military bases to wastewater treatment plants.

A "Team of Researchers" in One Database

WSP Cantor Seinuk's Challenge

WSP Cantor Seinuk logoIt’s a classic tradeoff: The more time you spend looking for sales leads, the less time you have to build relationships with the decision-makers – and, as a result, the less likely you are to win the business. That was the dilemma facing internationally recognized structural-engineering firm WSP Cantor Seinuk.

Forecasting Future Contracts

Stewart-Cooper-Newell's Challenge

Stewart-Cooper-Newell ArchitectsAs one of the nation’s premier public-safety architectural firms, Stewart-Cooper-Newell Architects (SCN-Architects) of Gastonia, N.C., knows exactly the types of projects it wants to pursue: primarily, police- and fire-department facilities throughout the Southeast and Eastern Seaboard. And given its 40 years in the business, the firm is well-known in its home region for its design work and its track record of success.

Banking on Local Contracts

Bank of America's Challenge

Bank of America logoGovernment business is a critical component of Bank of America's commercial-banking revenue stream. By finding out about upcoming government-contract opportunities, the bank is able to contact and build relationships with the decision makers before the RFP process begins.

Engineered for Reliability

PSI's Challenge

PSI logoProfessional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) is an industry-leading consulting, engineering, and testing firm with 125 offices across America. With lines of business that include construction materials testing/engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and industrial hygiene, PSI is well-suited for government contract work in a wide variety of projects, and it needed a comprehensive and time-efficient way to track leads for those opportunities by project type and geographical area.


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