DemandStar Subscription Options

Onvia DemandStar directly connects you to government contracts. You specify the types of bids you want to receive, and we notify you when an Onvia DemandStar government agency has an opportunity that matches your business.

Please select which of the following Onvia DemandStar subscription options you would like:

New from Onvia

Onvia Guide for Small Business

Starts at $45/month

Bids and RFP’s from all DemandStar agencies plus thousands of additional agencies. Onvia Guide for Small Business gives you the best coverage and the fastest notification available anywhere.

Onvia DemandStar Select

Onvia DemandStar Free Agency

Onvia DemandStar Basic

In addition to Onvia DemandStar, Onvia provides broader notification services and in-depth government business intelligence from more than 89,000 local, municipal, state and federal government and education purchasing offices.

To learn more about Onvia’s services visit or call 800-575-1736