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When your agency needs to procure a new product or service, we can help you write the specifications.

  • Quickly find & download relevant projects and examples.
  • Choose from millions of recent bids & RFPs with specifications.
  • Easy to use natural language searching that does not rely on codes.

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Onvia Exchange is designed as a win-win where you gain free access to hard-to-find information and Onvia benefits from the award data contributed by you.

  • Onvia Exchange is completely free.
  • No obligation to contribute award data (contract awards, bid tabulations) for the first 180 days.
  • After 180 days members can choose to:
    • Contribute data on a quarterly basis to maintain access to the national edition.
    • Not contribute data and retain access to the single state edition.

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Sample Search Results

126 Results Founds

Smartboards supply & install
Smartboards & accessories
Smartboards, flat panel

75 Results Founds

School crossing guard uniforms
School crossing guard services
Crossing guard services
Furnish adult cross guards

144 Results Founds

Body worn cameras and storage solution
Purchase of body cameras
In-vehicle digital video camera solution
Body cameras

170 Results Founds

Parking meter program
Parking meters and area control
Parking guidance system
Electronic parking meters

256 Results Founds

Automated vehicle locator system
Automatic vehicle location system
Fuel management/advanced vehicle
Web-based fleet management information


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