Powerful Search to Access Past, Current and Future Government Projects


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Access the leading database of state & local procurement opportunities

Every morning, Onvia delivers new government bid and RFP opportunities to our clients via email and the web, adding up to over 600,000 bids and RFPs each year across a variety of industries. Instead of spending hours searching through multiple sources, you can quickly review a summary of opportunities and qualify the latest government contracting leads for your market, products and services in one place.

With over a decade of experience in the government market and a search layer backed by IBM, Onvia provides the most powerful search tools in the industry to help you identify, research and respond to government bid opportunities.


Powerful search at your fingertips

Search for active bidding opportunities by keyword, category, procurement type or location to find the most relevant opportunities for your business.

Project Center search

Identify top buyers based on past purchase activity

In addition to active bids and RFPs, Project Center allows you to search the past purchase history of government agencies so you can identify top buyers for your products, even if they are not actively purchasing those products today.

Project Center top buyers

Discover future opportunities

Search pre-solicitation notices to identify future opportunities before they come up for bid so you can begin outreach and start to craft your winning proposals.

Project Center future opportunites

Customer Success Story

We want something that allows us to not only understand market trends, but also help shape the market.

Teri Mascotti, Global Marketing Manager


Waterous uses Project Center to search by territory to find all opportunities. Onvia provides Waterous with daily email notifications of the latest bids and RFPs across the nation. These alerts help Waterous monitor competitors, market share and target regions of the United States that have new, untapped opportunities every day. Jason Nawrocki, OEM Sales Manager, said, “Onvia definitely allows you to have a 30,000 foot overview of the battle plan that’s going on in the US in terms of money being allocated for municipal, federal, and government budgets. Onvia has definitely made me be able to be more efficient with my time being more agile and tactical.