Purchase Order Insights to Help Grow Your Government Business


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Discover top buyers of your products & services

Search for purchase activity by product, brand or keyword to pull a list of the top buyers for your product or service in the government market. Instant access to qualified sales leads.

Top Buyers Purchase Order Analytics

Optimize pricing with detailed pricing intelligence

Purchase Order Analytics features pricing details from over 200 million government purchase orders, including under-threshold purchases. Improve your competitive position on your next bid by knowing what the agency has paid for your product in the past, and what price your competitors have recently offered for similar products.

Purchase Order Analytics competitive pricing

Monitor sales activity of your competitors and partners

Purchase Order Analytics gives you the ability to monitor purchase order sales activity of any government vendor. Use vendor insights to analyze your competitors or monitor activity of your dealer or reseller networks.

Purchase Order Analytics competitors and partners

Looking to dive deeper into the data and perform your own analytics?

Drawing from the same database of purchase orders, we offer several options for downloading just the data. Called POExport, this alternative is for those looking to use custom analytics and CRM solutions for PO analysis.

Purchase Order Analytics POExport