Comprehensive Government Vendor Intelligence


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Strategically grow your government business

Winning government business requires more than responding to bids. To grow your business strategically, you have to understand your government market competition, identify key markets for growth and establish relationships with partners to expand your reach and bidding opportunities.


Benchmark your activity against competitors and partners

Compare metrics from thousands of vendor data points in one simple view - giving you a dashboard for competitor and partner assessment.

Vendor Center benchmark

Highlight market opportunities with heatmaps of vendor activity

View competitors and partners on an interactive heatmap to identify under-served markets and sales expansion opportunities.

Vendor Center heat map

In-depth profiles on government contractors

Analyze any specific government contractor on an individual basis, reveal top agency relationships, active term contracts, recent awards and planholder & bid result activity.

Vendor Center track

Customer Success Story

We use Vendor Center many times per week, it's very easy to use.

Dave Raasakka, National Sales Manager

BridgeGuard Wins the East by Building a New Business Model with Onvia

Dave Raasakka, National Sales Manager at Bridgegaurd, utilizes Onvia’s Vendor Center to research prime consultants for partnership opportunities. Vendor Center lets Raasakka benchmark consultant bid activity, research product and pricing information in bid result documents and add consultants to a heat map to see which vendors are most active in a given state.

On Raasakka’s wall is a map which shows all the business BridgeGuard has won in the eastern states, acting as a reminder of BridgeGuard’s exciting opportunities for continued westward expansion. “Onvia helps us build awareness, confidence and trust in the market and ultimately awards us business. It has helped us to develop our business model; we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of Onvia.”