Find Government Contracts

Every morning, Onvia delivers new government bid and RFP opportunities to our clients via email and the web, adding up to over 600,000 bids and RFPs each year across a variety of industries. Instead of spending hours searching through multiple sources, you can quickly review a summary of opportunities and qualify the latest government contracting leads for your market, products and services in one place. Onvia provides 90% of leads within 24 hours of the agency making them publicly available. Onvia combines the most comprehensive coverage of the government market with the fastest delivery of leads to allow you to quickly identify and respond to the best opportunities for your business.

Online Guide + Email Guide

With Onvia, you can:

  • Review and qualify new government contract bids and RFPs
  • Track leads automatically and be notified of updates to projects you are tracking
  • Filter to the best opportunities for your company’s business model
  • Quickly share a customized list of projects with multiple recipients
  • Access leads anytime, anywhere

Market Intelligence You Need to Succeed

In addition to daily notifications of new government projects, Onvia delivers the best market intelligence to help you craft your winning proposal. Onvia's platform includes information about:

  • Agency purchasing history to help you understand buying cycles and incumbent relationships
  • Additional bid & specifications documents not available in other platforms
  • Exportable contact lists of agency decisions makers and buyers for sales & marketing campaigns
  • Planholders and bidders lists to help you understand who else may be monitoring and competiting on the bid
  • Bid results and award documents to understand competitive pricing and positioning

Enhanced Access to Term Contracts

Above and beyond just bids and RFPs, Onvia also makes it easy to target renewing term contracts currently serviced by your competitors.  Onvia's Term Contract Center product allows you to easily:

  • Understand which existing contracts your competitors hold across the country, ensuring you never miss an upcoming renewal opportunity
  • Identify which of your competitor's contracts are coming up for renewal so you can build relationships with the purchasing agency prior to expiration
  • View contract end dates and total contract value to easily rank opportunities by time, value and product market fit
  • Export term contract lists to easily import them into your CRM for pursuit by your sales and marketing teams