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Josh Ladick

President at GSA Focus

Within the small pool of GSA Consulting Firms, Josh Ladick has grown GSA Focus into a trusted and proven source to get and maintain a GSA Schedule Contract. His understanding of GSA Contracts is at the highest level, and he generously shares this information along with many other insights on the GSA Focus Blog.

For over 8 years, Josh has been swimming in GSA Contracts daily. GSA Focus was created for only one purpose: getting and maintaining GSA Schedules for its clients. Rather than offering two or more mediocre services, Josh has piloted GSA Focus with the ideal of doing one thing really well.

Josh has acquired more than 60 GSA Contracts personally, and currently maintains over 120 GSA Contracts. Josh assists with all 40 GSA and VA/FSS Schedules and offers his services from coast to coast, and even internationally.