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We make it quick and easy to send leads into your CRM system

Connecting to Salesforce CRM, our B2GIS fits neatly into your business’ day-to-day operational workflows. Teams gain efficiency pursuing opportunities and converting leads.


Distribute Leads To Your Team or CRM Easily

Getting started is easy

Send important data with a single click

Send Your GovWin+Onvia Leads Directly to CRM With a Single-click

GovWin+Onvia’s integration with CRM enables you to send important project data, documents and contact information directly from the platform – with a single click. Ensure that your CRM users have all the valuable lead data they need accessible in one system, so they can focus their time on pursuing more government business.

Single click transfer

Avoid manual data entry by mapping leads from GovWin+Onvia to the CRM object of your choice. With one click, send all the data you need including the project documents directly to your CRM.

Single click transfer

Respond faster

Empower your team to respond to the newest leads as soon as they are received. Manage the leads directly from within your CRM and track win-rates from GovWin+Onvia sourced leads


Quick Set Up and Easy Mapping

Linking GovWin+Onvia projects to your CRM is quick, easy and customizable. There is no software installation required. Using our integrated mapping screen, you can map to leads, opportunities and custom objects in your CRM.

Onvia CRM Mapping

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