From immense complexity to pure opportunity

Our B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) employs advanced technologies to curate fragmented government contracting information, making it easily accessible, meaningful and actionable

See What Others Don’t

We love data and technology

Here, you come behind the scenes to see how we make sense of B2G data. Our Data Value Chain (DVC) engages state-of-the-art technologies for high-volume data capture, normalization algorithms, proprietary ontology, machine tagging, natural language searches, and system integration. Find out how it all works.

Volume Matters

It all starts with automated ingestion of millions of records about emergent bids and RFPs from a vast array of sources.

  • Daily data collection from tens of thousands of sources
  • Sourcing from the active and archived Web
  • Online, offline, newspapers, agendas & council meetings
  • Direct from government agencies and via aggregators

Making Structural Sense

The ingested data includes a variety of unstructured sources, like web pages, PDFs, scanned text, and more. We’ve mastered the technical challenge of systematically extracting meaningful data and identifying key elements and fields.

  • Advanced normalization algorithms
  • Entity resolution and boilerplate noise elimination
  • Identification of dollar amounts in budget figures
  • Pattern matching and linking across contract lifecycle

Success on Your Terms

Here we apply natural language technologies that interpret specification descriptions and projects essence, matching those to industry-specific terms -- to make leads searching more relevant and actionable.

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language programming - NLP
  • Proprietary ontology & business rules
  • Tagging with industry-specific terms

Expert Fine-Tuning

Here we complement the high-tech steps with the work of our expert editorial team. They call agencies to identify contacts and unpublished projects. They read through extensive documents and future plans to pinpoint actual upcoming projects.

  • FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act)
  • Add and confirm contacts
  • Write project previews and synopsis
  • Append, clarify and annotate fields

Ready for Action

We then package the information to be loaded into the B2GIS, where users will interact with the data and integrate into their own systems and processes.

  • Indexing projects, pages, fields, and more
  • Search and matching techniques for the relations across records
  • Final Quality Assurance (on top of each step’s own QA)
  • Load into B2GIS for consumption, interaction, integration

See What Others Don’t

Now the system has the information about profiled contacts, short term leads, future opportunities and past awards. Users can search with terms they naturally think and use. With greater coverage and less noise, Onvia clients enjoy the peace of mind that they’re not missing out.

  • Daily leads notification emails
  • Powerful search criteria with terms you naturally think and use
  • Saved customizable searches
  • Online portal and mobile interactivity

Integration Nation

We strive to enhance the way you work, with data that integrates neatly into your day-to-day operational workflows, including tidy integrations that don’t require additional software.

  • Connect to SalesForce
  • Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Data feeds and exports
  • Download project documents

Put the Data Value Chain to Work

Tag searches reveal quality leads

More matching. Less noise. No opportunity lost in translation

Picture this. Agency issues an “Automate travel requests” project. Technology vendor is searching for “Workflow software” leads. Government procurement describes solicitations their way. Vendors search for leads using their product, service and industry terminology. That language barrier creates friction.

Our B2GIS employs dynamic tag searching to render contextual and relevant results. It even addresses term variations and misspelling. Powered by advanced algorithms and ever-evolving ontology, the system helps businesses discover qualified opportunities matched to their products and services.

Success on Your Terms

Welcome to Ontology

Once people know, they usually agree that ‘Ontology’ is a fascinating discipline. (So interesting that some of us here have dedicated our careers to it!). So how is it that ontology – and the study of nature, categorization and relations of beings – applies in B2G matchmaking?

We’ve curated thousands of terms and variations found in government contract solicitations into a proprietary ontology. It’s the foundation for how we tag projects, rendering more relevant and contextual searches for our business clients and government partners. Here’s how it all works:

Coverage Matters

We’re resolved to provide the highest coverage of government purchasing activity

Offering the industry’s highest coverage of state and local government, we track 95% of published government spending and publish 90% of all bid and RFP opportunities within 24 hours of the public record.

See our coverage policy

Connected Intelligence

We make it quick and easy to send leads into your CRM system

Connecting to Salesforce CRM, our B2GIS fits neatly into your business’ day-to-day operational workflows. Teams gain efficiency pursuing opportunities and converting leads.

Discover Easier Integrations at Work

The Big Picture

Our Data Value Chain (DVC) is the foundation for curated commerce intelligence in B2G

Our B2G Intelligence System helps buyers and sellers expand opportunity, providing them with the highest volume and quality of leads, workflow agility and forward-looking intelligence for strategic decisions.

B2GIS – See the Big Picture