Indispensable Intelligence

B2G buyers and sellers realize commercial and strategic value, equipped with data about:


Foster relationships with agencies and decision makers


Find open projects, future leads and even past awards


Monitor vendors, competitors and their market traction


Identify partners, suppliers and their market reach


Access market analysis and best practices guidance

The Big Picture

We apply advanced data science and search technologies to transform unstructured government contracting data into meaningful commerce intelligence for buyers and sellers.

Connecting private and public sectors in a more efficient B2G marketplace, we create mutual value for companies, agencies and society at large.

Data Value Chain

Connected Business and Government

Our business clients – companies of all sizes and in every industry – gain foresight and competitive advantage to grow their top line and win rates in their public sector business.

Government agencies participate in a dynamic information exchange, gaining procurement efficiencies in procurement and exposure to more bidding contractors.

Business Opportunity

Government Efficiency

The Opportunity Advantage

“Bids-this and Bids-that” data aggregators take a low-tech approach, rendering current, but ultimately perishable leads.

In a class of its own, our B2G Intelligence System combines the most comprehensive and timely data coverage with our advanced technologies and domain expertise to expand your opportunity. You get the highest volume and quality of contract leads, quick integration to systems and workflows and forward-looking data for strategic decisions.

Expanding B2G Opportunity

Discover More

Data Volume and Value:

Most comprehensive

coverage of published dollar spend (95%), and fastest capture-to-publish cycle (daily)

Most actionable

industry-relevant leads, curated through state-of-the-art algorithms and machine tagging

Act Faster

Workflow Adoption & Agility

Easy to use

via multiple experiences: notifications, search interactivity, cloud portal and mobile devices

Easy to integrate

to systems (CRM connectors) and processes (guidance from client success advisors)

Influence the Future

Line-of-Sight Into Past, Current and Future Leads:

Proactive visibility

beyond current bids/RFPS, into future contract leads and insight into historic data

Data contributed

from agencies directly engaged in our exchange network

Comprehensive and Timely Coverage

We have the most comprehensive coverage of agencies and their Bid & RFP activity, with 95% of published dollar spending.

We harvest data on a daily basis from thousands of agencies and sources, processing millions of records every year, with the fastest capture-to-publish cycle. We publish 90% of all government solicitations within 24 hours of issuance.

Coverage Statistics

The Data Value Chain

Raw data gets curated through state-of-the-art algorithms, Natural Language Programming (NLP), machine tagging and ontology.

We add value every step of the way: normalizing valuable fields, tagging leads according to relevant terms used in specifications, then enriching and publishing data. Matching information to industry-specific terms, makes search results most actionable.

How it all works

The Entire Project Lifecycle

Transaction data for short and long term leads – and even past activity

Historic Award Records

  • Bid Results
  • Awards and Award Details
  • Purchase Orders Pricing
  • Term and Recurring Contracts
  • Sole Source Solicitations

Current Short-Term Leads

  • Bids
  • Requests for Proposals (RFP)
  • Requests for Quotes (RFQ)
  • Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Pre-RFP
  • Subcontractor Solicitations
  • Project Amendments
  • Plan holders and Bidders Lists
  • Council Agendas and Minutes

Future Long-Term Leads

  • Annual Budgets
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Federal Grants
  • Reoccurring Contracts Expiration Schedules
  • Advance Notices
  • Presolicitations
  • Project Previews
  • Technology Improvement Plans
  • Transportation Improvement Plans

Civic Dividend

Advancing Commerce and the Common Good

We see the B2G marketplace beyond its vast size and challenging complexity. We see its vital importance to citizens and society.

Government contracting stimulates nearly every sector of our economy. Its commercial transactions fulfill essential investments in infrastructure and services – which in turn, contribute to communities’ safety and prosperity. We are resolved to infuse efficiency into the marketplace and inspired by the greater civic good to citizens, taxpayers and society at large.

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