Onvia’s product team has received a lot of great user feedback over the past month about how much easier it is to quickly qualify their leads (using the Evidence Box) and send them to Salesforce (with CRM Integration). Great news for clients, our product team has been busy at work implementing more of these exciting new enhancements to the Onvia business-to-government intelligence system (B2GIS). New Search Filters for Relevance and Recent Search Identification & Export Functionality Keywords are used by our clients to help them identify relevant opportunities. The context of where a matching keyword(s) is located in a project can help to determine the relevancy of a project for our users. Keyword appearance in a project title is often when the relevancy qualification process begins. With the ability to narrow a search for keywords that appear only in project titles, Onvia clients can expect delivery of the most relevant leads. Users have asked us to make it even easier for clients to find a lead that was recently sent to them. A recent lead might have been delivered yesterday or earlier in the week but needs to be referenced again. Clients can now use the “Search Within” filter located in My Guide to cut through all the noise and easily re-identify the lead they are looking for. Onvia users have frequently requested the ability to export their leads from My Guide to Excel. We took that input one step further and expanded this export functionality to Project Center as well. If users are running ad-hoc searches or wanting to export a week’s worth of leads in their inbox or even a handful of select records, this can now be achieved with a single click. Enhancements to Onvia’s CRM Integration Account Look-Up Tool If your company maps your leads to existing accounts and use Opportunities in Salesforce to track them, creating new or duplicate accounts is a common challenge. We’ve built new functionality in our CRM Integration solution that will warn you before creating a new account. You’ll have the option to create a new account or search your Salesforce instance for an existing account you might wish to link this lead to. Sending Your Term Contract to Salesforce We’ve added support for you to map and send your Term Contract to Salesforce just like your bids, RFPs and Project Previews. Keep track of valuable data points like who the incumbent is, contract value, contract term and expiration date. Build up your long-term pipeline directly in Salesforce. Key Improvement to the “Evidence Box” Displaying Tag Equivalencies & Tag Hierarchy Clients have asked to see more in regards to tag equivalencies in their search. Tag equivalencies refers to other terms used to describe what the agencies might be asking for. For example, if the agency is requesting a "Public Safety Communications Telephone System," our new feature would display up to 10 synonyms related to the matching tag on the lead, in this case – "Telephone Systems" and "911 Telephone Systems" might show up in the Evidence Box. Our tag technology is built on a hierarchy that allows clients to select from broad to very specific topics. A matching lead in your Guide might have a tag that falls under the broader topic (ex. Information technology products) you have selected in your search. To give clients more context as to where the specific topic (ex. Telephone systems) fits within the hierarchy we are displaying this information to help with the qualification process. The Addition of Moderate Match and Updates to “Match Strength” Icons To help clients understand how relevant a lead is to their search criteria we have introduced the concept of a moderate match and redesigned the icons to be more intuitive Updated Project Descriptions and Scopes of Work The agency is asking for – refers to the primary products and service the agency is requesting in the lead, previously labeled “The scope of work in this lead includes” This agency also mentions – refers to the secondary products and service the agency is requesting in the lead, previously labeled “This lead also mentions” Relevance – the corresponding icon and description will help you understand how relevant the lead is to your search, previously labeled “Match Strength” Relocated “Flag as Irrelevant” to the bottom of the Evidence Box Once you’ve had the opportunity to review all the supporting evidence related to this lead, if you do not find the lead to be relevant to what you do, let us know by using this feature and we will review it. Your input will help us continuously improve and refine your search experience.