We feel your pain. If you’re a sales, marketing or business development leader, and you’ve experienced challenges while doing business with the government, we understand. Onvia has serviced the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace since 2000, so we’ve seen first-hand companies that sell to the public sector face – and we know the best ways to overcome them.

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Here are five of the top challenges faced by companies doing business with federal, state and local governments:


Hitting Their Sales Goals

Lack of insight into government contracting leads applicable to your business can be the difference between hitting sales goals and missing them. Companies that do business with the public sector need to know about every relevant opportunity, from their targeted government agencies, to give their company the best chance to grow their government sales.


Efficiently Pursuing More Business

Efficiency-minded sales professionals don’t want to spend their day sorting and formatting lead after lead. They prefer to screen and pursue opportunities that matter to them. So they need their pipeline of leads to integrate with the sales tools they are already comfortable using, to help them reduce the time they spend doing unnecessary busy work.


Seeing the Bigger Picture

Successful vendors in the business-to-government market (B2G) can’t just focus on inward-facing data. They need intelligence on which awards their primary competitors and channel partners win, which government agencies they’re doing business with, and what their strengths, weaknesses and competitive advantages are in their specific markets.


Becoming More Proactive

Businesses can better prepare their specifications to win government bids and RFPs by knowing about opportunities in their industry well in advance. To get that forward-looking view, they need full visibility into where a federal department or local government agency expects to spend money – without spending their own valuable hours on research.


Building Trusted Connections

The most effective sales professionals in the public sector must proactively develop working relationships with agencies. To influence buyers and bid/RFP specifications early in the project lifecycle, they must profile the agency that they want to do business with, identify the buying team and conduct targeted outreach.

Onvia Helps Sales and Marketing Leaders Meet Their Goals

As the leading provider of public sector sales intelligence and acceleration technologies, Onvia works with thousands of companies selling to the government. We provide sales, marketing and business development leaders at these companies with the 5 things they need most in order to maximize their public sector sales:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Workflow integration
  • Market intelligence
  • Advance information
  • Agency contacts

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