Companies that are proactive about doing business with the government know that getting ahead of the bid is crucial in their mission to grow their public sector sales. One strategy to do this is by targeting specific events that “trigger” government contracting opportunities well ahead of time.

For example, typical American cities and county government celebrate the holidays just like the typical American family does - by buying huge quantities of turkey and turkey-related products every year around Thanksgiving. That means for businesses, the time to start looking for these opportunities to supply these products to the government is weeks, even months, before those contracts go out to bid.

And those contracts are available all across the country. Here are five turkey-related state and local government contract awards, sourced from Onvia’s vast database of government contracts, that were released over the course of the last 12 months.

5 Government Contracting Opportunities for Thanksgiving

  1. Jennie-O was recently given a $188,643 contract by the Salt Lake City School District for USDA turkey processing in various schools in the Salt Lake area.
  2. The Texas Agrilife Extension was awarded a $438,000 contract by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for integrated movement models for Rio Grande wild turkey habitat selection.
  3. Advanced Commodities awarded a $162,331 contract by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services for the provision of holiday turkeys.
  4. Advanced Commodities awarded a $31,920 contract by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for a turkey roast needed for the State Correctional Institution at Somerset.
  5. The RR Donnelley Company was awarded a $18,720 contract by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for the printing of turkey tags.

These contract awards give a bit of insight into the broad spectrum of government bidding opportunities that are available for bid at the federal, state, local and education levels of government. Businesses of all sizes can find government bids and RFPs that are a good fit for them, whether that’s a large enterprise firm seeking to work with a major city or county, or a small business partnering on a smaller contract with a local town or school district.

Opportunities to do business with the government are available throughout the year. Businesses can look for opportunities to decorate cities with holiday lights during the Christmas season, or put on a scary pumpkin festival around Halloween. These contracts, and hundreds of thousands of more, are available within Onvia’s sales intelligence solutions for businesses selling to the government.

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