A janitorial services company that tries to tackle the government market without a systematic, proactive plan will miss out on many opportunities that a strategic competitor will win. Onvia has the most powerful business intelligence solution in the industry that helps janitorial service vendors identify, research and respond to bid opportunities for janitorial services contracts before the competition does. Here are five questions companies that provide janitorial services need to ask when planning a B2G strategy and five answers that will help you win more janitorial services contracts: 1) Do you have easy access to the latest and most relevant bids & RFPs for janitorial services? Onvia’s solution lets janitorial services vendors set up custom searches for bids & RFPs. Search results can be accessed anytime in Onvia’s platform. New projects are emailed daily so there are no missed opportunities. Here are a few examples of bids for janitorial services that you would receive: 2) Do you know which agencies need your janitorial services right now - and in the future? With Onvia, janitorial service vendors can easily discover the agencies that have projects open for bid as well as review the agencies’ budgets and future spending plans. This approach will allow you to focus your sales and marketing efforts on the right agencies and the right time: 3) Do you have a way to gather detailed information on agencies buying janitorial services? Onvia helps janitorial service vendors plan a successful strategy and approach with each agency. You will be able to research past procurement history, active contracts, vendor relationships and the buying cycles of agencies nationwide. Here’s a look at one of many agencies you can research: 4) Can you reach the right agency decision makers and buyers to influence bidding outcomes? Janitorial services vendors can easily identify agency officials and export lists of names with their contact information with Onvia. You will be able to target and build relationships with the right agency contacts so you can influence bids & RFPs long before new projects come up for bid: 5) Can you find and track janitorial contract renewals that align directly with your goals? Onvia specializes in tracking contract renewals so janitorial services vendors can easily find service contracts. For example, here’s an active janitorial services contract you can track in Onvia’s platform that includes project documents, the contract end date and the agency buyer contact information: Bonus question: Can you get everything you need to maximize your janitorial services government business potential in one convenient platform? Most janitorial services companies will maintain the status quo to pursue business in the government market the same way year after year. They will: Scour websites for bids or rely on sales for leads React to a bid or RFP when it's published Guess at competitive price points Hope they are the awarded vendor As a result, these janitorial services company will struggle to win more business in the public sector. There is another way. With Onvia you can develop a proactive, effective strategy: Receive lists of new, relevant bids & RFPs on a daily basis throughout the year – You will never miss another opportunity or waste time searching for bids View detailed agency information – You will know what they bought, for how much & from whom Access contact lists for agency buyers & decision makers – You can build relationships and well-positioned to win bids Identify contracts coming up for renewal and contract values – You will have a powerful opportunity to unseat your competitors With the powerful government business intelligence solution from Onvia, you company will gain a significant competitive advantage. Onvia is the market leader for government contractors and Onvia’s platform will provide you with the most comprehensive coverage of janitorial services contracts nationwide.