The headlines say it all: Over the last few years, Chromebooks have become more than a simple computer laptop for K-12 students. Chromebooks have become an essential part of core learning plans in thousands of schools as well as an integral part Common Core, STEM and PARCC initiatives. We first reported on Chromebooks in November 2014 to share Onvia’s data on the incredibly fast-growing market created by Google for these affordable and durable devices. In 2014, Gartner reported that Chromebook sales were set to nearly triple and reach 14.4 million units by 2017. Onvia’s database of future spending confirmed this assessment showing an increase in the number of capital improvement plans, budgets and programs that included the purchase of Chromebooks. Taking a look into Onvia’s database for more recent activity reveals some new insight. According to Onvia’s comprehensive listing of line-item Chromebook-related purchase orders (which include below-threshold purchases), there was 35% more purchase orders in 2015 compared with 2014. Onvia’s database of past and future projects also shows that the amount of published formal bids & RFPs, specifically for Chromebooks, increased substantially as well, up 42% in 2015 over 2014. In 2016, there have been 206 bids & RFPs so far in Onvia’s database, suggesting over 600 will be issued (a 70% increase over 2015) during the entire year. If you have a company that’s competing for these opportunities, you need to do three things to ensure you can win more business: Research, target and respond. Here’s how Onvia can help get you started: Research Onvia’s Database of New projects to Find Chromebook Contracts A quick search reveals many bids & RFPs relating to Chromebooks, carts and licenses. A few examples of upcoming projects include: If you click on a project you want to target you’ll find project documents, agency contacts and more. For example, here is the Enumclaw School District project which gives you what you need to respond to this RFP: Discover Current & Multi-Year Contracts in Onvia for More Opportunities Use Onvia to find out which agencies have ongoing projects, which of your competitors hold the contracts and the contract values. Here are a few examples Onvia provides so you can prepare to respond and compete for contracts that are coming up for renewal: If you find a current contract to target, with one click you’ll find project documents, a link to view the awarded vendor activity, agency contacts and more. For example, here is a Chromebook contract coming up for renewal in 2017: Extend Your Research Beyond Just Bidding on a Project or Submitting an RFP If you decide not to pursue these particular opportunities, you can still find important details about the agencies, the buyers and the decision makers, and plan ahead. With each bid, RFP and contract listed, Onvia automatically provides key agency contact information so you can quickly and easily contact the right people at the agencies, establish relationships with them, and be in a position to win future contracts. In addition, you can view the agency’s procurement history, the vendors they do business with, and research their budgets and future spending. For example, here’s the Onvia agency page for the Greenwood School District No. 50 showing the decision makers’ tab: More Than Ever, Chromebooks are Playing a Leading Role in Education A January 2016 USA Today article cited market researcher Futuresource Consulting saying Chromebook sales surpassed Apple with 51% in the K-12 market nationwide in Q3 2015: “The surge reflects a fundamental shift in how American schools are buying tech in bulk and assessing students online, placing an emphasis on low-cost, easy-to-manage machines.” It's a tidal wave: Chrome is the clear U.S. market leader now.Mike Fisher, Associate Director of Education Technology at Futuresource The ongoing success of Chromebooks in schools will continue to provide many opportunities and Onvia has made it easy for you to research, target, respond -- and take advantage of this business.