In April, we announced to the market that our clients who use Salesforce could now save time and enhance their workflows by tracking Onvia leads within their existing CRM. We’re excited to announce that a broader base of Onvia’s clients, those who use Microsoft Dynamics, can now enjoy the benefits of our single-click, send-to-CRM functionality. Watch the video below to see just how easy we’ve made it to track Onvia leads within Dynamics: Enabling Clients to Use Our Data to Enhance Their Existing Workflows Onvia’s product team built the Dynamics integration to help our clients who spend valuable time entering our data manually in their CRM’s. With the successful adoption we’ve seen from clients using our integration with Salesforce, our product team moved ahead to expand this feature to Dynamics users. Clients who use Dynamics can now empower their teams to act swiftly on pursuing the latest government leads by linking Onvia’s critical project information -- such as project descriptions, contact information and related documents -- directly to Dynamics. This significant workflow improvement allows Dynamics users to focus on sales pursuits. Here’s what a few users of our CRM integration have had to say about their experience: CRM Integration is Just the Start of Our Plan to Help Clients Optimize Their Workflows This is a very exciting time for Onvia and its clients. We’re devoted to delivering enhancements to our business-to-government intelligence system (B2G IS) that enrich client workflows and provide the intelligence they need to win more sales -- within their existing systems. Recent releases like tag based searching, the evidence box, feature enhancements like “flag as irrelevant” and CRM integrations with Dynamics and Salesforce are great examples of how we’re helping our users enhance their government sales process with our data. Stay tuned for more exciting product updates from Onvia.