In case you missed it, Onvia just published its latest market research report “Sizing Up B2G Infrastructure: Government Contracts & Investments for 2017-2018”.

The report gives business executives who have a strategic investment in securing government contracts in areas such as water & energy, architecture & engineering and construction a view into the abundance of opportunity available in the public sector.

For a sneak peek at the information contained in the report, we are providing you with a free, easy-to-share infographic. The infographic uses future project data from Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) to calculate an index of states with the largest volumes of planned projects slated to start in 2017-2018.

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construction contracts infographic

These 7 States (Including D.C.) Have the Largest Volumes of Future Bids & RFPs

When selecting a provider of government commerce intelligence, enterprises turn to Onvia because we take a holistic approach to our scope of coverage. Our clients know that along with the data volume, value, workflow adoption and agility their Onvia subscription provides, they are also gaining an opportunity advantage over the competition with information that provides line-of-sight into past, present and future spend to aid in securing government contracts.

Our data value chain captures the breadth and depth of fragmented and unstructured B2G commerce data by parsing out the relevant project information and using our proprietary ontology to make it easy to search for the most relevant government contract leads. For this report, our market research team analyzed the future spending forecast data published in our B2GIS, and calculated an index that displays states with the highest volumes of future planned projects relative to their population size. Our team used the following criteria to calculate the index:

  • Base: All planned 2017-18 infrastructure projects worth $25M or more grouped by state.
  • Geography: All 50 states & D.C.
  • Index Calculation: State share of all national projects/state share of national population.
  • Interpretation: Values over 1.0 = a greater number of planned projects than would be expected for an area of that size

The results of our study reveals a map useful for strategic planners at firms who are designing their strategy for pursuing infrastructure contracts with the government. With a score of 2.0+ and above, each of the following 7 states rated “Very High” for the volume of planned projects worth $25M or more relative to their population size:

  • Alaska: Index Score - 8.50
  • Delaware: Index Score - 6.50
  • Washington D.C.: Index Score – 5.24
  • Hawaii: Index Score – 3.50
  • Vermont: Index Score – 3.43
  • Maryland: Index Score – 3.36
  • Kentucky: Index Score – 2.36

Other states rated “High” with a score of 1.1-1.9 include: California, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New York

Use This Information to Get Ahead of Bids and RFPs to Beat the Competition

Enterprises who have a strategic investment in B2G use more than current bid and RFP information to succeed. In fact, if you wait for a bid or RFP to hit the street, it is often too late as the competition has been busy outreaching to federal, state and local agency buyers and influencing specifications well before the solicitation is put out for competitive bid. The most successful businesses study future looking data to better forecast upcoming bids/RFPs, understand the competitive landscape and ultimately increase their probability of winning government contracts.

Get your complimentary copy of Onvia’s “Sizing Up B2G Infrastructure: Government Contracts and Investments for 2017-2018” today by clicking the link below, or request a free consultation with one of our expert advisors to learn how an Onvia subscription can help your business forecast future bidding opportunities and win more infrastructure contracts with the government.

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