Millions of Americans will be tuned in to Super Bowl LI on Sunday, watching the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons in Houston. What they won’t see is how much work it takes to host an event of that size and scale.

Government agencies make huge investments when a major sporting event like the Super Bowl or the NCAA’s March Madness comes to town – and not just by ordering extra shipments of buffalo wings. The cities and counties hosting need to strengthen infrastructure, refurbish their streets and beautify their parks to accommodate the flood of tourists and traveling fans.

Here are four types of government contracts that helped build the infrastructure for Houston to host this year’s Super Bowl. Each of these projects was curated in Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS), which contains the most comprehensive and timely data coverage of the B2G marketplace.

Sidewalk and Road Renovation

Cities need to keep their roads and walking paths in good shape to accommodate the influx of traffic during Super Bowl Week.

That can mean big business for construction companies. In 2016, the City of Houston awarded a contract for $2,379,000 to ISI Contracting for Concrete and Asphalt Restoration. And Harris County (which contains Houston) awarded a contract to the tune of over $700,000 for Streetscape Improvements to Millis Development & Constructors, Inc., one of several recent streetscape opportunities from the county.

Street Sign Improvements

Street signs often need to be addressed ahead of major events to help visiting fans and tourists more effectively navigate the area.

Onvia tracked a bid from the Houston Downtown Management District for Vehicular Wayfinding Sign Refurbishment three years in advance of the 2017 Super Bowl – an example of how advance visibility can lead to business opportunity for proactive, forward-thinking businesses.

Technology Support

Millions of dollars in technology contracts are often available to private vendors before the Super Bowl kicks off.

Here’s an example. Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center is hosting this year’s “NFL Fan Experience” during Super Bowl week. So in 2015, the group that runs the convention center, Houston First Corporation, put out a bid for an antenna system to “boost mobile broadband coverage, improve reliability, and enhance network capacity” during and after the event.

Beautification of Parks and Public Spaces

Major events like the Super Bowl provide a reason for cities and counties to spend money to improve their public image. The results can provide civic benefit to citizens for years after the final whistle blows. In 2016, Houston’s Downtown Management District released a bid for a fountain rehabilitation project in Main Street Square. The completed project features jets of water shooting 40 feet into the air next to a 250-foot long reflecting pool – right in the heart of the city.

For the public agencies playing home to the Super Bowl, the allure of hosting an internationally recognized event can turn into a chance to announce its presence on the global stage, and a chance to invest in improvements that can benefit the public for years to come.

Performance-minded vendors can benefit, too, by anticipating these events years in advance. And Onvia’s B2GIS – in a class of its own – gives them the strategic foresight they need.