Reflecting back on the first half of 2016 at Onvia, we are proud to share a number of success stories in key areas of our business. We continued to focus our pursuits in serving our business clients and government partners, produced business-to-government (B2G) market research, and earned notable mentions by leading technology analysts. For our business clients, government partners, and the hard working innovators here at Onvia, here are some of our highlighted milestones from the first half of 2016: New Product for Government Agencies and Enhancements to the Onvia B2G Intelligence System Serving Government Agencies with Onvia Exchange One of Onvia’s most exciting new efforts started to take shape just a few months ago, when we released a new product for government agencies. In June, we announced the availability of Onvia Exchange, a tool available for free to government agencies and procurement staff. Our product team developed this searchable library of comparable bids & RFPs so procurement professionals can save time writing bid and RFP specifications by benchmarking against projects that have already been authored by their peers. Agencies across the nation are signing up to join the Onvia Exchange; here’s what a few partners have had to say so far about their experience: Previous Next Onvia’s Integration with Salesforce CRM In April, we announced the availability of Onvia’s integration with Salesforce CRM. This exciting new feature helps our clients track their Onvia leads within Salesforce, so they can focus their time on engaging with government buyers. Here’s what a few adopters have had to say about their experience: Onvia’s Business-to-Government Market Research that Resonates Government Agency Procurement Survey In H1 2016, we reached out to the public procurement community from cities, counties, special districts, state agencies and school districts nationwide with a survey. Over 550 procurement staff responded and we published the results in a report that provides useful insights for both buyers and sellers in the B2G market. Here’s what Public Spend Forum had to say about the report: The report dives deeper into other questions, such as trends in growth in government spending and bidding activity, and best practices to help agencies achieve their outcomes and businesses win more contracts. One interesting insight to come out of the report is the growth of cooperative purchasing, both as an actual trend in how often it’s being used, but also in how it’s increasingly being seen as a solution to some of the problems facing smaller governments. Some 93% of respondents said they used “non-traditional” procurement methods, which include things like cooperative purchasing, piggyback contracts, statewide contracts, etc. Public Spend Forum Survey of Government Contractors We surveyed the universe of government contractors to offer useful insights for selling in the B2G market in 2016-17. Key findings from the report include: A majority of vendors expect growth in the government sales revenue, effective sales and marketing will be key to realizing the potential of this market and companies do better if they sell into multiple levels of government. The 2nd edition of our survey of government contractors also featured the Onvia Government Contractor Confidence Index (GCCI). The GCCI is designed using input from contractors regarding business growth and expectations for how agency budgets are likely to impact their government sales. The current index is 129.4, which is well above the midpoint of 100 (on a scale of 0-200) – suggesting that the amount of confidence in the government contracting marketplace is consistent with a scenario of further growth over the coming year. 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2016 In March 2016, we published the 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2016 report, now in its second edition. The report analyzed over nearly 500 unique industry categories using Onvia’s database of government procurement activity to identify 10 industry segments that are showing the fastest rates of growth in bid & RFP opportunities. The report has been covered by multiple media outlets including: Equipment World, StateScoop and Government Computer News (GCN). Gartner Lists Onvia as a Leader in Data Brokerage Marketplace In a blog titled Monetizing Information is More Than Just Selling Your Data, Gartner Research VP Doug Laney listed Onvia among as a leader in the data brokerage space alongside household names such as ACNielsen, Bloomberg and Equifax. Here’s an excerpt from Laney’s blog: According to various dictionary definitions, to monetize something is “to convert an asset into or establish something as money or legal tender.” But Investopedia goes on to suggest, “The term monetize has different meanings depending on the context. It can refer to methods utilized to generate profit, while it also can literally mean the conversion of asset into money.” Conversion is the key…And yes, information is regularly converted directly into money by a growing marketplace of household name data brokers like ACNielsen, Bloomberg and Equifax, and by clever upstarts like…Onvia (aggregating, categorizing and anticipating RFPs from federal and local government departments) Monetizing Information is More Than Just Selling Your Data, Gartner Research VP Doug Laney We’re looking forward to share more exciting developments here at Onvia as we move into the 2nd half of 2016. Stay tuned!