2016 is behind us and 2017 is off to a great start here at Onvia.

Like we did after Q1 2016, let’s take a moment to reflect on the milestones that our business clients, government agency partners and the B2G innovators at Onvia worked together to achieve in the second half of 2016.

Onvia Unveils New Brand Identity and Website

Onvia Unveils New Brand Identity and Website

In business since 1996, and a public company since 2000, Onvia has built the most comprehensive, timely and accurate database of government projects. We’ve become the premier provider of contract leads for companies looking to win more government business.

Recognizing this as a remarkable time for the organization, we unveiled our new brand identity, restyling our brand design and message to clearly convey the company’s trajectory and point of view.

In case you missed it, Onvia’s SVP of Marketing Alberto Sutton shared exactly how the company has leaped forward in the domains of technology innovation, data coverage, market research and government partnerships and how our new brand identify helps us drive further value to our clients. And, for our readers who are curious about some of our design decisions, our Brand Manager Blake Wetterauer provides behind-the-scenes look into the process that created the Onvia brand you see today.

It’s an exciting time here at Onvia – if the prospect of helping to solve the tremendous puzzle that surrounds data in the B2G marketplace gets you energized, then let me assure you this is a place where driven and inspired individuals work hard together to create significant impact. Don’t take my word for it though, instead take a look at what it’s like to part of the Onvia team, hear from Onvians about their experience and if you’re ready take on this important challenge and make a difference, I invite you to browse our open opportunities and apply.

Clients Upgraded to Onvia 7’s Superior Tag-Based Search Paradigm

In December we announced that all of Onvia’s thousands of business clients were upgraded to Onvia 7’s machine tagging search paradigm, powered by our data value chain and our proprietary ontology.

Here’s what one of our at what one of our clients in public safety had to say about their new search experience and results:

Our search results are now more relevant and actionable than ever. With a high volume of targeted and relevant leads for our business, we’re now able to focus more time on responding to solicitations, building relationships with government buyers and growing our public sector sales.

Jason Brown, Director of Business Development, The Safariland Group

I invite you to read the perspectives of our VP of Product Chris Woerner as he breaks down how Onvia 7 and the ontology behind it are making life easier for our government contractor clients and government partners.

Investing in Our Technology Stack with Elastic Search and MongoDB

Finding all of the data that we capture, parse, tag, enrich and ultimately publish to our B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) wouldn’t be possible without making investments in our technology stack.

That’s why our teams worked hard to complete upgrades to our underlying systems with Elastic Search and MongoDB.

Our Chief Information Officer Naveen Rajkumar shared a bit about how these enhancements allow us to provide more value for business clients and agency partners:

With these upgrades we're now able to improve search performance, increase overall publishing capacity, and expand our coverage into more useful data types for our business clients and agency partners.

Naveen Rajkumar, SVP and Chief Information Officer

In this Q&A discussion Rajkumar goes into more detail about why this set of technology developments are so foundational, setting up our vendor and government users to receive increased value from Onvia’s B2G commerce intelligence for years to come.

Onvia’s B2G Market Research Highlights for the 2nd Half of 2016

At Onvia we strive to act as trusted advisors in everything we do. From our vision to provide the most relevant and actionable data and information for B2G buyers and sellers to the consultative advice that each account manager provides day in and day out to our clients, our passion has always been about doing everything we can to inform government marketplace participants with the insights they need to succeed.

For example, watch the short video below to hear one of our client success advisors speak about how to use the future spending information that Onvia provides to influence the RFP process:


We thank our readers for their continued support in downloading, reading and sharing our B2G market research. With our 2017 research agenda, we’ll continue our drive to provide government vendors and buyers with useful insights and analysis on the what’s happening in B2G and how to succeed in the marketplace.

Some of our research highlights from the 2nd half of 2016 include:

Onvia’s 2017 State & Local Government Contracting Forecast

In an environment of heightened political and economic uncertainty, we published this special report to offer clarity and insight into where the B2G marketplace is headed in 2017. The forecast has been covered in leading publications such as Bloomberg Government, Governing Magazine, Government Technology, Government Computer News and Route Fifty and features the perspectives of three leading experts including:

  • Dan White, Senior Economist at Moody’s Analytics
  • Mary Scott Nabers, President and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, Inc.
  • Ben Vaught, Director of Onvia Exchange

Don’t be left in the dark, get the insights your business or agency need to have a successful year by requesting your complimentary copy of the report here.

The State of Government IT

Technology & telecom suppliers and service providers know that IT has been healthy as a key sector within government contracting for some time now, even during a tough fiscal environment. We published this research in November of last year to educate vendors on exactly how to navigate the opportunity to sell IT products and services to the government. If your firm is looking to grow its public sector technology sales then this report is for you, request a complimentary copy here.

The Rise of Cyber Security

Cyber security is no longer an issue that can be managed exclusively by IT departments and technology vendors alone. With data breaches and attacks on critical infrastructure occurring each year, government agency professionals are struggling to keep up with the increasing cyber attacks. This report provides insight into how cyber security impacts the entire business-to-government (B2G) marketplace for both buyers and sellers - your free copy awaits here.

Stay tuned to the Onvia blog for more exciting updates about what we’re up to in our vision to resolve the friction in this vital, complex and multi-trillion-dollar B2G marketplace.