You might sometimes ask yourself as you review the Daily Guide, “Why did I get this lead?" or "How did it match my search goals?” Onvia introduced “The Evidence Box” to make evident why and how a specific lead matched your search criteria. Our goal with this release is to continue our efforts to provide the tools that help you find the most relevant leads faster. Where to Find “The Evidence Box” and How to Use It To view the “Evidence Box” simply click on “why did I get this?” or “[…]” which can be found in your My Guide inbox. Within, you will find: 1) Flag as irrelevant: Not a match? Easily alert us if a project is not applicable to you 2) Scope of work: Primary products or services requested on the project 3) Also mentions: Secondary products or services requested on the project 4) Match strength: Personalized measurement of relevancy unique to your search criteria 5) Specific search: Bolded name/s and tags that match the project 6) Your terms: Highlighted keywords in project descriptions and documents Once you have finished reviewing "The Evidence Box", you can click on the title of the project at the top of the box to get to the project details page or click the “X” to move on and qualify the next project in your inbox. Please note that “Match Strength” will only appear on projects originating from searches using Onvia 7, our new intelligent, tag based search experience. Stay tuned for more updates on how we’re working to help Onvia’s clients succeed in the government contracting marketplace.