This is a remarkable time for Onvia as we unveil our new brand identity. We've restyled our brand design and message to clearly convey the company’s trajectory and point of view.

Reaching New Heights: Creating Data Value and Opportunity Advantage

In business since 1996, and a public company since 2000, Onvia has built the most comprehensive, timely and accurate database of government projects. We’ve become the premier provider of contract leads to companies looking to win more government business. Driven to extend further value to clients in the business-to-government (B2G) network, our company has leaped forward in domains of technology innovation, data coverage, market research and government partnerships:

  • Onvia advanced to the forefront of data science, natural language search and machine tagging technologies – so clients discover more volume and quality of contract leads.
  • Continuous investment in the users’ experience and in systems integration makes it progressively easier and faster to act on those leads.
  • Our data value chain goes far beyond aggregating short-term bids and RFPs activity. It curates the full range of indispensable commerce intelligence: agencies’ and decision makers’ profiles, vendor and channel activity, investment plans, reoccurring contracts and even historic awards – all of that gives line of sight to influence success now and in the future.
  • We harvest data on a daily basis from thousands of agencies and sources, processing millions of records every year, with the fastest capture-to-publish cycle and the most comprehensive coverage of 95% of published dollar spending.
  • Our market reports and indexes, together with our research analysts and client success advisors, have become definitive sources of insights for business, government and media navigating the B2G marketplace.
  • We now build direct relationships with government agencies – receiving their contributed data and offering new products that help them gain procurement efficiencies.

This accelerated momentum and expanded vision prompted us to overhaul our visual identity and brand narrative.

The Big Picture: Leading Commerce Intelligence to Resolve Friction in B2G


The Big Picture

Our communications will depict how we make sense of the multi-trillion dollar B2G marketplace – a vital, yet fragmented and complex space.

Onvia applies advanced data science and search technologies to transform unstructured government contracting data into meaningful commerce intelligence for buyers and sellers. Connecting private and public sectors more efficiently, we create mutual value for companies, agencies, and society at large.

The Brand Promise: Building Trusted Connections

When you interact with the brand, you will notice the styling decisions to update our logo, colors, typography, and imagery. Each of those reflect our position as trusted partners and the definitive source of commerce intelligence in B2G. They also represent the drive for discovery, agility and achievement that we share with proactive business clients and performance-minded government agencies.

The new, unmistakable brand image transcends application in just marketing materials and communications. It also informs design guidelines for our B2G Intelligence System and its related products, as well as research reports and all other brand encounters.

Join the Conversation: The New is Live!

Getting here took reflection, creativity and a whole lot of listening. We’ve involved business clients and government partners as well as media connections, active investors and of course, our own talented people.

Now we invite you all to visit our website, experience our brand and engage in dialogue about our perspectives.


Alberto Sutton
SVP Marketing, Onvia