Onvia tracked more than 350,000 opportunities in the business-to-government (B2G) market in a six-month period. The projects that Onvia processes through our B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) are broken out into 12 main industry verticals, covering the entire breadth of B2G, ranging from Environmental Services to Professional Business Services.

But within those verticals are more than 250 different market segments. And Onvia provides data and insight for each of them, ensuring that private companies and public agencies have access to best-in-class commerce intelligence, no matter what they are buying or selling.

Below are a few key examples of the market segments that Onvia covers.

Architectural & Design Services

Total Architectural & Design Services Bidding Opportunities over 6 Months

The market is right for firms that provide architecture and design services to government agencies. The Architecture and Engineering industry grew 1.9% in Q3 of 2016, and was ranked the #1 growth industry among state agencies.

Architectural and design services make up a key part of that industry. Onvia tracked 3,002 contracts in this area over a six-month period, ranging from facilities design to professional architectural urban planning services.

Safety Equipment

Total Safety Equipment Bidding Opportunities over 6 Months

Providers of safety equipment that do business with government agencies can specialize in something as simple as athletic tape and first-aid kids for K-12 schools, or as vital as lifesaving equipment for cities and counties.

Onvia found 1,774 contracts for safety equipment in six months. Many of those are ideal for small businesses just starting out in the B2G marketplace.

Janitorial and Cleaning Services

Total Janitorial & Cleaning Services Bidding Opportunities over 6 Months

Janitorial and cleaning vendors can find contracting opportunities at all levels of government and across the nation. In particular, state, city and town government agencies commonly put out bids and RFPs for cleaning contracts, making those good places to start for cleaning companies looking to grow their government business.

In a six-month period, Onvia tracked 4,867 contracts for janitorial and cleaning services. Common examples of these opportunities include demolition removal and cleanup, window washing and professional custodial services for schools or government buildings.

Landscaping Services

Total Landscaping Services Bidding Opportunities over 6 Months

Landscaping companies often don’t think of the opportunity that government contracting offers, but municipalities, school districts, libraries and fire departments all are agencies looking for landscaping companies to keep their public spaces appealing and safe.

Onvia tracked 8,711 landscaping services contracts that came up for bid from government agencies in six months. Lawn care services, snow and ice removal, grounds maintenance and streetscaping are all common types of government opportunities that private companies can pursue.

These are just a few examples of the many market segments that Onvia tracks, providing commerce intelligence to both large vendors and small to midsize businesses. No matter what type of products or services a company sells, it’s likely both that the government is looking to buy it and that Onvia is covering it in its B2GIS.

Explore opportunities and purchasing trends in over 250 market segments today and discover what Onvia has to offer vendors doing business with the government.