We can admit it. When people think about government contracting or selling to the public sector, “exciting” isn’t necessarily the first word that comes to mind. But there are a number of companies driving exciting innovations in the Business-to-Government (B2G) marketplace, many of which are using Onvia’s sales intelligence to take a data-driven approach to growing their government business.

Thanks to the combination of a hot B2G market that continues to grow every year, and the power of our sales acceleration technology, Onvia’s clients are developing meaningful solutions and products that enhance livability in communities across the country – all while building their public sector sales pipeline.

Selling to the Government is a Hot Market

It is a thrilling time to be involved in B2G, a vital $2T sector that touches all industries and stimulates the economy. There is more public interest in government spending right now than ever before.

The media focus on the Trump administration’s budget has shone a spotlight on investment from federal and SLED (state, local and education) government agencies. In particular, President Trump’s stated focus on infrastructure growth, and investment of more than $200 billion in new voter-approved measures, have both stimulated optimism in the construction, architecture and engineering markets, among many others.

Governments nationwide are feeling a similar sense of optimism, moving from a “wait and see” mentality to an “invest now” mentality. This has led to a 4.9% rate of growth in bids and RFPs from SLED agencies in Q1 of 2017. That’s one of the strongest rates of growth in government contracting opportunities in years. In fact, we just experienced a record month of publishing government bids and RFPs in March - even more evidence of the B2G marketplace getting hotter and hotter.

This growth in spending is partly fueled by increased certainty – both in terms of consistent economic growth and the closure of a tumultuous election season.

Ben Vaught, Director Onvia for Government

Data and Technology Help Companies Sell to the Public Sector

All this excitement around B2G means companies are more optimistic about growing their business with the government than ever before. Successful companies in this increasingly competitive landscape are looking for ways to accelerate their sales process, by leveraging data and technology to give themselves the best chance to win more public sector bids and RFPs.

That’s where Onvia enters the picture. Our broad coverage of government bids and procurement specifications is widely recognized as a valuable resource for companies that sell into the public sector. We curate data from the vast and fragmented B2G marketplace, including contracts, contact information, historic data, future investment plans and vendor profiles. By putting all of that through our data value chain, we convert it into indispensable, actionable sales intelligence that our clients can use to achieve growth of 30%, 70%, or in some cases even 5X to 10X in sales to the public sector.

But we aren’t the only player doing exciting things in B2G. Here are some other examples:

  • Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just announced a new non-partisan initiative to provide transparency into government spending.
  • Global Traffic Technologies is using Spending Forecast Center to identify opportunities to help improve traffic flow and reduce accidents.
  • Some companies are breaking ground with new initiatives in government spending analytics, including compiling purchase order data.
  • Powered by Onvia’s forward-looking data, Everbridge is providing governments with an integrated communications system to improve public safety.
  • At least one firm is bringing the gig economy to the public sector by making matches between freelance contractors and government agencies.

Innovative People, Governments and Clients

While we’re certainly proud of the innovative work we’ve done here at Onvia, we feel that the ones who really deserve recognition are our clients selling to the government. They are using our B2G sales intelligence to create tangible benefits for their communities, all while expanding and growing their business in the public sector.

Just after a year with Onvia, we added millions of dollars to our pipeline. The service pays for itself.

Trish Logue, Director of Marketing, Global Traffic Technologies

Government agencies of all types purchase products and services in a wide variety of industries. The data curated in our B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) helps connect our clients to those agencies, allowing them to provide the vital products and services that we often take for granted. Each day our clients help governments build roads and bridges, run schools and hospitals, equip police and fire departments, clean parks and public spaces, and innovate with technology and efficiency.

We’re proud of the part we play in the civic impact our clients are creating. You can read more about the innovative and exciting ways our clients are using our sales intelligence by requesting a complimentary copy of our collection of client success stories below.