Onvia 7’s advanced tag based search system includes thousands of unique tags used to describe a government purchase. We’ve been hard at work optimizing the search logic behind Onvia 7 to provide our clients’ with incredible accuracy, intelligent search and an intuitive interface. How Tagged Based Searches Work in the Onvia Platform When Onvia adds a new project from a government agency our new proprietary technology reads the project and applies the appropriate tag(s) to the project. What makes this really cool is that the tagging system uses a sophisticated algorithm to apply the appropriate tags based on the essence of the project. Machine learning helps to organize the project data so the end result for our clients is not only more leads, but the most relevant leads for their business. Watch the video below to learn more about Onvia 7: If you’re thinking of a keyword, service, product, structure or facility, using Onvia tags will automatically search for related terms, synonyms, variant spellings and even apply exclusions based off of the project’s scope of work. Searches that use tag technology will return more accurate and actionable results than searches that only use keywords. The illustration below depicts a literal keyword search compared with the power of a tag-based search.