If you work for or lead a vibrant technology company, you already know the importance of getting on the radar of a renowned research firm like Gartner. A leader in technology research and insight, Gartner conducts rigorous, unbiased research and recognizes innovators in a number of industry categories.

That’s why I was pleased to see that Doug Laney, Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst, recently included Onvia in his selective list of “grand slam” information business models, highlighting the technologies and innovations that make up our Data Value Chain.

I talked to Doug about his recommendation. “Creating a ‘grand slam’ information ecosystem model should be part of just about every company’s business strategy,” he said. Onvia does this by capturing the greatest volume and value of government spending data, using advanced technology that “sources, harvests and intelligently categorizes such content from government websites.”

Doug also highlighted Onvia’s ability to provide data-driven competitive advantages to our business clients, which include leaders of sales, marketing, business development and BI initiatives.

So what kinds of advantages are we providing to those leaders? There are a number of factors, but these are three important ones that our clients enjoy every day:

  • We enable the discovery of more - and more relevant - leads available to bid or submit a proposal on, from all levels of government, and support it all with our comprehensive coverage and advanced technologies
  • We allow our clients to act faster in pursuing contracts and connecting with government buyers, months and sometimes even years ahead of the bid
  • We give our clients the tools to plan ahead for long-term opportunities found in government recurring contracts and future spending plans

Our clients know they can rely on these factors to expand their sales in the public sector. As Doug mentioned, “One such customer, Clarke Power Services, has leveraged this information to grow its public sector sales from $3.5 million to $40 million per year.” Yes, that’s a 10x acceleration in sales!

It’s been outstanding to work with Onvia. It’s one of the best things for anyone who is new to working in the public sector, and for those who are well experienced.

Nate Mertens, Government Business Development Manager, Clarke Power Services

Companies of all sizes can take advantage of Onvia’s multi-dimensional value proposition to businesses selling to the public sector. They are ultimately able to grow their public sector pipelines and proactively connect with government buyers at the state, local, educational and federal levels.

So while I was pleased to see Onvia recognized by Gartner as a “grand slam” information business model – along with other innovative companies in other industries like Direct Eats, Apervita and Enologix – I feel that our business clients are really the ones hitting a home run by finding and winning more government contract leads every day.

We’ve compiled stories from 7 clients who are using Onvia’s sales intelligence and acceleration technologies to grow their public sector sales. Check out our collection of case studies by clicking the link below.

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