In the latest special report from Onvia’s B2G market research team, 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2017, the 4th-ranked hotspot was enabling government with information technology.

Agencies are undergoing a shift in how they purchase technology and telecom products services, moving from being reactive to a more proactive, strategic approach. This is one of the reasons that bids and RFPs for selling to the government and enabling agencies with IT rose by 17%.

Enabling Government with IT Bids & RFPs

Data gathered in Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) indicates that many of the fastest-growing IT segments are in areas where government buyers typically lack the experience and knowledge to be specific about the language they include in the bid or RFP. These buyers turn to trusted partners to provide the technology services they need, such as cloud services, cyber security and other information technology and telecom functions.

Government technology leaders... will seek strategic relationships with sellers who can help them clearly demonstrate the value – at all levels – that investment in IT generates.

Ben Vaught, Director, Onvia Exchange

Examples of IT Solutions Being Bought by the Government

Opportunities to do business with federal, state, local and education agencies can be found nationwide for technology companies that provide specific IT services. California was easily the state with the most of these opportunities, with 13% of information technology services contracts, and many states with dense metropolitan areas also ranked highly.

Top 10 States for Enabling Government with IT Bids & RFPs

Below are four examples of technology bids and RFPs that relate to the function of enabling government by providing custom and transformative technology solutions. These are just a sampling of the thousands of opportunities to win technology bids and RFPs found in Onvia’s B2GIS.

  • Records Management System – Wichita, KS
    Cities like Wichita often need assistance from IT providers to keep their records systems up to date, and to integrate them with their other workflows.
  • Cyber Security Program Assessment & Analysis – Maryland Judiciary
    Agencies at all levels of government continue to seek advisors and consultative partners to improve their cyber security systems.
  • Provide Replacement Data Storage – Madison County, KY
    With governments having vast quantities of data at their fingertips, state and local agencies are often seeking new partners to provide data storage products and services.
  • Internet Access & Related Telecommunications Services – Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA
    School districts are often a good place to seek information technology bids and RFPs – many of which can be found through the E-rate program.

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