The challenge that many vendors face is how to easily find upcoming projects in the state, local and education (SLED) market. We recently wrote a tutorial for vendors who sell products to government agencies on where to find the right public sector projects, who to contact and how to influence future bidding opportunities with Onvia’s Spending Forecast Center. In addition to researching future agency plans, vendors who provide services (with products or stand-alone) are wise to identify active term contracts as part of their SLED sales strategy. By finding expiring term contracts or contracts that are coming up for renewal months or even years in advance provides vendors with the essential time to research these contracts, influence agency buyers and beat out the incumbent vendors (as well as any additional competition) and identify potential partners in their market. But with over tens of thousands of individually run state, county, city, special district and school district entities, how can vendors easily find these term contracts and the right agency buyers before it’s too late? Onvia’s Term Contract Center: Build Your SLED Pipeline to Win More Business As a continuation to our article on Spending Forecast Center, we will focus on education technology opportunities for our look into Onvia’s Term Contract Center. The vast majority of education technology contracts are found in the SLED market and many are term contracts, due to the ongoing maintenance and support required with products such as Google Chromebooks. To explain how Onvia’s Term Contract Center can help vendors win term contracts we will explore some specific examples in our platform and share a case study where Onvia not only has helped a client find terms contracts projects but has significantly boosted their sales pipeline and expanded their market for public sector business. Let’s say, for example, that you are a vendor who wants to sell Chromebooks with related maintenance and support services to elementary schools nationwide and you want to find Chromebook-relate term contracts that are due to expire or renew over the next few years. Unless you’ve established relationships with school districts, cities, counties and even state agencies in all states, you are in need of some way to find all the relevant contracts from all of the government entities that buy products and services for elementary schools. Term Contract Center provides the early insights and intelligence you need to do just that. As a result, your sales team will have ample time to develop strategies to win future business, establish and maintain a government sales pipeline and increase the chances that your company’s solutions are part of the term contract specifications. With Term Contract Center you can: Isolate contracts by expiration date, amount, keyword or category Identify competitor contracts coming up for renewal and Research results instantly or export results to review with your team So let’s go into Term Contract Center and search for active term contracts for Chromebooks and Chromebook-related services: Results for Chromebook term contracts will immediately come up. We can click on the “Export” icon to export the list and get a ready-made pipeline of actionable sales leads: When we click on one of the term contracts, you can see that you’ll get details on the project time line and also learn about possible extensions months or years in advance, giving you time to research the opportunity and position your team for success: You’ll also have access to the agency contacts and the vendor contacts so you can develop high-quality agency relationships. Plus, you can get specific details on your competitors and identify possible teaming and partnership opportunities: Term Contract Center Success Story Onvia helps clients find relevant term contracts and build their sales pipeline in public sector business. Here is a story from an Onvia client who uses Term Contract Center on a daily basis: Clarke Power Services Grows Government Sales by Over $35 Million with Onvia What attracted us to Spending Forecast Center was that it gave us the capability of knowing about projects up to several years before they were to take place.Karl Moschaber, Director of Business Development Clarke Power Services relies on Onvia’s Term Contract Center for market intelligence to build new relationships in the public sector. With Onvia’s Term Contract Center, Mertens can look up key information on contracts that are about to expire. Each year the Association of the United States Army holds a tradeshow in Washington, D.C. Before Mertens attended the show last year, he looked at the exhibitor list of prime contractors. He then went into Term Contract Center to uncover a list of the prime’s subcontractors on key contracts as well as their pricing information. At the show, he approached each prime contractor and pitched how he could win their business. As a result, “We are now subcontracting for all the big primes,” said Mertens. Read the full Clarke Power Services client story Contracting Revenue for Years to Come Onvia’s Term Contract Center solution enables you to get early insights into government term contracts long before they expire or come up for renewal. As a result, you'll have ample time to research project specifications, identify the best contracts for your business, strategically build your long term sales pipeline by targeting specific agencies and ultimately win more term contracts in your market. Term contracts provide a multi-year recurring revenue stream for your company. By leveraging term contract expiration and renewal schedules in Term Contract Center, you can identify and plan for upcoming bidding opportunities long before they come up for public bid. For further insight on how Onvia’s Term Contract Center can help you build pipeline, track competitor term contracts and awards, and identify competitors and potential partners, watch this short video tutorial to see Term Contract Center in action. Feel free to contact us using the “Learn More” button below to discuss your company’s future sales objectives; we can send you specific examples of upcoming projects that align more directly with your goals and could help you win more business.