I had the pleasure of appearing on Matt Hudson’s Strategic Landscaper podcast to discuss the opportunity for landscaping and grounds maintenance business owners to grow their business with the government. Matt and I had a thorough discussion, touching on government contracting in general, and how it specifically applies to the landscaping industry.

In our discussion we focused on the opportunity for landscaping and groundskeeping firms to win business with the government. In fact, there were 5,531 contracts for landscape maintenance posted in the last year, with another 19,972 contracts related to landscape trades such as irrigation, erosion control and arborist services. This brings in at least $83,000,000 in revenue up for grabs for the maintenance contracts alone. 

Check out the podcast below; we cover 4 main points towards understanding public sector business for landscapers.

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To Win Government Landscaping Contracts, Take Time to Research the Requirements

In our discussion, we talked at length about the need to research and address the project requirements. Your proposal needs to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s outlined in the requirements, otherwise the agency may move on to the next qualified bidder. A myth about the government market is that having the lowest bid is the only thing that matters. That simply does not hold water. If a vendor proposal can’t meet the basic requirements of the bid, it will lose. It is important to remember that before you can worry about having a low price, you need to think about whether you can meet the fundamental requirements of the job. 

Strategic and successful landscaping firms understand that government agencies will each have their unique preferences. Whether it’s a preferred style of landscaping, or use of a specific pesticide, it is important to read through the entire bid or RFP to get the full picture. Put yourself in their shoes; they need to abide by the rules, and they will be more likely to award you the contract if you play ball.

Landscaping Firms Can Learn from Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs)

If you are a landscaper, groundskeeper or business owner, you can benefit from free resources to help get started with government contacting, such as your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). For some context, PTAC’s were created in 1985 by the Defense Logistics Agency to grow the number of competitors in the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace. You are able to receive guidance and support at over 300 PTAC offices across the country, with thousands of local businesses each year receiving guidance on winning government contracts. Think of it as a great return on your tax dollars - a tangible service government can offer you to help grow your business and the US economy. PTAC’s are a great place to start in your journey towards growing your landscaping business in the B2G marketplace.

We would also point you to the Small Business Administration (SBA), which offers many resources for businesses. Their offices and online website facilitates procurement classes and webinars and the SBA organizes the ‘Mentor-Protege’ program. This program matches small businesses with older, experienced organizations to help them grow faster. Additionally, the SBA administers the 8(a) program, as well as the HUBzone program.

To help support your businesses goals, Onvia offers a library of articles designed to help businesses in developing and refining their B2G go-to-market strategy. Topics cover include how to write a proposal, pricing your services, and knowing how to properly decide whether or not to pursue a project.

Landscaping Contracts for Government are Available Nationwide

While most may associate government with Washington D.C., or the Presidency (especially in this election cycle), it is easy to overlook local government agencies such as municipalities, school districts, libraries and fire departments. The opportunity for civic impact is tremendous. Imagine being the business that cleans up the local park, flattening out the land so that families can play sports on an even field. Or mowing the fields at your local middle school, helping students get exercise during their lunch breaks.

This helps you grow your business while taking a leadership position in your local community through the services you provide. Below is a quick flash of data to illustrate the number of opportunities available in the U.S. state and local government market.

Government Landscaping Contracts Published Over the Last Year (9/15-9/16)

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