There are a variety of tools available to help you identify government contracting opportunities and take advantage of this potentially lucrative sales channel for your business. One of the most commonly used is FedBizOpps ( FedBizOpps was launched by the federal government in 2008 to bring together a number of disparate tools to provide a single source for federal government procurement opportunities. FedBizOpps allows contractors to search for federal procurement opportunities over $25,000 in value. The Opportunities from Onvia Include FedBizOpps FedBizOpps specializes in providing detail on opportunities from federal agencies including the detail of the request and the agency making the request. See an example of a solicitation for bid on which shows the type of detail you can expect for opportunities on FedBizOpps. Onvia includes FedBizOpps opportunities in our data and more to improve your chance of winning contracts. It has more than 100 sources in addition to FBO to comprehensively capture Federal bids and RFPs. All federal procurement over $25,000 is publically available. However, some are only available to vendors on federal contract vehicles such as: GSA Schedules (General Service Administration) Eagle II (Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II) SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) VETS (Veterans Technology Services) CARTS (Common Army Ranges and Target Systems) Onvia works to include these opportunities in its solution. Three Steps To Growing Your Government Contracting Business Effectively While FedBizOpps is a great tool to introduce you to the world of federal government contracting, it has its limitations as you aim to grow your contracting business efficiently and effectively. Expand Beyond Federal Opportunities to Consider State and Local Opportunities Because FedBizOpps only includes federal opportunities, you will miss out on the tens of thousands of other state and local agencies that have contracting opportunities that may be perfect for your company. Onvia provides a comprehensive database of government contracting opportunities at the federal, state and local level. In fact, our database covers agencies representing 95% of spending – allowing you to access the full data set using one tool, with the click of your mouse. We also work to publish 90% of all government contracting opportunities within one business day of them becoming publicly available, giving you the timely data you need to quickly respond to contract requests. Gain Intelligence about the Agency, Buyer and Competing Vendors FedBizOpps makes it difficult to deep dive into past award history, key contacts and competing vendors. In contrast, we provides one-click access to past procurement history for the agency, full contact information for all potential buyers and decision makers at the agency, forward looking forecasts on future spend by the agency and the ability to search for past award history by a given vendor. Winning government opportunities is about intelligence and we work with you to provide the intelligence you need to compete for federal, state and local government projects. Improve Efficiency with Custom Results Delivered To Your Inbox Daily FedBizOpps lets you search federal opportunities and subscribe to updates on individual solicitations, but email alerts on individual solicitations aren’t going to help you grow your business moving forward. Our saved searches functionality integrates into the Onvia Guide, a daily email delivered to your inbox five days a week with the latest opportunities that most closely match your capabilities and preferences at the federal, state and local level. Watch your favorite agencies for new opportunities, monitor your competition’s award activity and identify new agencies and opportunities based on the keywords, industry or set-aside codes that are of the most interested to you. When you’re ready to dedicate resources to win government contracts for federal, state and local contracts, gain the intelligence to win your bids with deep analysis and fill your sales pipeline with targeted, timely results delivered to your inbox daily – choose Onvia. Learn How Onvia Can Help You Grow Beyond FedBizOpps