Imagine if you had a list of projects your competition has bid on, information on where they are winning new business and even the detailed pricing information attached to their proposals. How would that type of intelligence help you gain an advantage over your competition and empower you to build your business? Unlike the private sector where deal specifics are rarely shared, government agencies are often required to publish detailed information about their procurement activities and make them available to the public. The challenge for companies wishing to leverage this transparency is locating those public documents, extracting the most valuable information from them and tracking that data over time to build up a competitive profile on their key competitors. With over 725,000 government projects published each year in the United States from over 89,000 federal, state and local procurement entities - gathering a clear view of the competition is a key challenge for any organization. Onvia has been gathering, processing and parsing out the vast volume of government purchasing activity for over a decade. This has given us an unprecedented data set from which to pull vendor insights. Vendor Intelligence really shines for two separate customer use cases: Prime contractors who need to understand their competition so they can offer more competitive pricing, service, or overall value. Subcontractors seeking teaming opportunities with prime contractors who have won large-scale government projects. Effective Vendor Intelligence lets business leaders identify who in their competitive landscape works with the government, where their competitors operate geographically, which agencies their competitors do business with and which prime contractors own contracts that may present subcontracting and teaming opportunities. Our new offering, Vendor Center, focuses solely on public sector vendor intelligence and is the first of its kind to offer a high level of detail around past bid activity, awards won, and active contracts for vendors doing business with government agencies in the United States. We'd love to show you what we've been working on. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how vendor intelligence helps you grow your government contracting business.