The Donald Trump administration officially began today with the commencement of the official inauguration ceremonies. His inaugural address touched on several topics that could make a major impact on government procurement.

During the inauguration, Onvia hosted a live Twitter chat using the hashtag #ProcureChat discussing how several industries might be affected, including infrastructure, manufacturing and cyber security. Below is a recap of the chat and a snapshot of how the new administration might impact the government procurement marketplace in these industries.


President Trump’s promise to invest close to $1 trillion into infrastructure has been a cornerstone of the new administration’s policy, and was a major theme in his inauguration speech. These are welcome signs for government contractors in industries like architecture & engineering, water & energy and construction.

Regardless of the level and timing of this investment, infrastructure projects will already be receiving new funding in 2017. Funding sources like gas taxes funding road construction in several states, and large public transportation projects in cities like Los Angeles and Seattle, should give infrastructure-related industries a shot in the arm. Our chat participants agreed that there is great potential for increased infrastructure investment:

Small Business

With potentially major changes to healthcare programs, immigration and tax codes in the offing, the possibilities for small business to be affected by the new administration’s policies are wide and varied.

Dean Baker, of the Washington D.C.-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, writes that the new administration’s proposed tax reforms might benefit larger corporations more than small businesses. On the other hand, the new administration has proposed a decrease in regulations, which could benefit small business owners by simplifying operational procedures.

Cyber Security and Technology

Government agencies have been placing a major focus on ramping up their cyber security efforts in recent years. Although cyber security wasn’t mentioned in Trump’s inaugural address, the trend towards acknowledging cyber defense as a priority is unlikely to end under his presidency. Public sector leaders are continually turning to technology to improve how they serve their citizens.

Agencies at the federal, state and local levels all have opportunities to be innovative with the ways they purchase technology, as Onvia Exchange Director Ben Vaught writes.

Government Efficiency

Public agency procurement staff are squeezed for time and money, as Onvia’s 2016 survey of government procurement professionals found. These professionals, across state, local and education agencies, are constantly on the lookout for new ways to get leaner and more effective.

Alternative forms of procurement, such as public private partnerships (P3s), could help agencies get more efficient and budget better. With a developer and dealmaker as the new Commander in Chief, P3s may continue to garner more support.

Jobs and Manufacturing

A signature Trump campaign promise was that his administration would bring about an increase in American jobs – specifically, in manufacturing. The new president has repeatedly stated he wants to rebuild the manufacturing base of the United States.

A relatively stable, slow-growth economy, along with the proposed massive investment in infrastructure projects, should at least allow for some additional job creation in 2017. But as with so much related to the incoming administration, the long-term picture is murky.

Onvia will continue to track how the new administration will impact government procurement across all major industries. Stay tuned to Onvia’s social media channels to get the most comprehensive news and insight from the B2G marketplace.

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