In case you missed it, Onvia recently published its latest special report, The State of Government IT: Buying and Selling Technology in B2G.

The report examines leading trends in IT contracting and provides insight and guidance, both for agency buyers and for private companies selling into the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace. Here’s a bit about what’s inside the report:

IT in B2G is Dynamic, Especially at the State and Local Levels

IT contracting in B2G commerce is full of emerging technologies and purchasing trends often vary by industry sub-category and by level of government. For example, Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) shows that while billion-dollar, multi-vendor, long-term federal IT contracts may grab headlines, the majority of money is being spent elsewhere.

Contracts issued by state, local and education (SLED) agencies actually make up the vast majority (68%) of formal, advertised bids and RFPs.

The State of Government IT, Onvia

Here’s a bit more about what’s covered in the report:

  • Insights into how IT compares to other industries selling to government
  • The distribution of IT products and services that are bought by government
  • Insights into seasonal purchasing trends
  • Average IT contract award values and examples of recently awarded contracts
  • IT purchasing vehicles
  • Opportunity for vendors of all sizes - including small and midsize businesses - to win
  • Analysis into government IT purchasing hotspots
  • IT purchasing trends by level of government

The Answers to Challenge Common Misconceptions About IT in B2G

Government IT vendors and buyers might be familiar with some of the following statements about buying or selling technology to government:

  • Government IT is mainly served by a few of the largest firms
  • The government IT market is all about computer hardware, not services
  • IT vendors prefer to specialize in selling to one level of government.

Onvia’s report shows why these statements are misconceptions – and how, in fact, all types and sizes of businesses and governments can work together to expand their exchange of IT contracting opportunity. If your business is currently selling IT products or services to government and wants to grow your sales, or if you are involved in purchasing technology for an agency, then you’re in luck. Get the answers you need to be successful by requesting a complimentary copy of the report today.

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