WE’VE REFRESHED OUR ANALYSIS OF GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING HOTSPOTS SEE THE 2017 RANKINGS HERE Hot off the press! Onvia just published 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2016. Our market analysis team examined nearly 500 unique industry categories in terms of recent growth over the past two years using Onvia’s comprehensive database of state, local and education (SLED) bids, RFPs, awards and budget documents. Each of the 10 hotspots in this report comes with the actual growth rate, the levels of government making the most purchases and average contract values. Our intention in sharing this research with you is pretty simple: Help you grow your government sales in 2016. Special to this blog is a free, easy-to-share infographic that summarizes the top 10 areas of government contracting for 2016 including the key drivers and growth rates. Click to download the infographic The Methodology – How We Found the Top 10 State, local and education contracting is a $1.5 trillion dollar market that covers a wide range of purchases, from construction to technology to business services and provides close to half a million bidding opportunities for companies each year. Overall growth rates in government procurement activity do not fluctuate much year over year; changes are usually in the low, single digit percentages reflecting the broad economic and political climate. Like all large markets though, there are always outliers, products or services that serve as bright spots in the market that are experiencing rapid growth driven by factors such as innovation in technology, new legislation and larger changes in society. The report highlights the top 10 “outliers” and discusses the drivers behind their growth, giving you the context for how to best pursue the related contracts. Top Growth Rates Concentrated in Health & Human Services, Infrastructure, Professional Services and Technology A wide array of industries sell to the SLED government. The “10 hotspots” highlighted in the report demonstrate the breadth of government purchasing and fit into several distinct themes: Health & Human Services: Agencies increase their focus on social services and mental health Infrastructure: Contract opportunities grow in construction, water, traffic and solid waste Professional Services: Agencies seek efficiencies: Workforce performance audits on the upswing Technology: Consulting, modernizing systems and geographic information systems (GIS) are hot Why Wait to Learn More? Onvia published this report to help your business grow its public sector sales in 2016. StateScoop, Government Computer News (GCN), Equipment World and the Smart Cities Council are already using the analysis in this report.