With the recent launch of Onvia's Vendor Center, the Onvia research team has been looking into the various bid strategies that manufacturers use to win government business. Unlike prime contractors, many successful manufacturers never sell direct to government agencies – instead focusing their efforts on identifying future projects as early as possible and influencing those future project specifications to include their products by name in detailed bid specs. The power of influencing future project specifications is very evident in the office furniture vertical. Our researchers looked through office furniture bids and RFPs from 2013 to identify the top 5 furniture manufacturers based on specification mentions in 2013. While office furniture is a highly competitive market, our data revealed that just 8% of bids and RFPs in 2013 referenced the top 5 manufacturers in the bid specification. This low number reveals a large opportunity for other manufacturers to capture government sales with advanced government market bid strategies involving targeting, connecting and informing agency buyers directly about the unique value of your products and solutions in the furniture market. Share this Infographic with your network using the embed code below the image or social buttons at the top of the blog post Click Infographic to enlarge Embed this Infographic on your site