As revealed in Onvia’s State, Local and Education Procurement Snapshot for Q2 2016, competitive bid & RFP opportunities in the overall SLED contracting market decreased slightly at a rate of -1.4% when compared to the same quarter the previous year. However, when comparing H1 2016 vs H2 2015, SLED market opportunities increased slightly at 0.6%.

Of the four major industry groups examined in the report, the Operations, Maintenance and Transportation (OMT) group saw a -1.8% decline in the rate of growth for published opportunities over the same quarter the previous year.

Special to this blog is an easy-to-share infographic that depicts what happened in the Q2 2016 SLED OMT contracting market:


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Infographic: Operations, Maintenance and Transportation Procurement

Highlight: Growth in Transportation and Vehicles Contracts Leads OMT Group

While the overall SLED market saw a decline in the number of contracts issued during Q2 2016, it’s important to note that there are still areas seeing high government demand. The SLED market is vast and fragmented with thousands of agencies purchasing a wide range of products and services. It’s a market where there are always hotspots and trending areas of growth.

For this analysis the OMT group is broken out into three sub-categories: Transportation/vehicles, operations & maintenance and industrial supplies.

Out of those three sub-categories, transportation/vehicles saw the largest rate of increase in published bid & RFP opportunities for quarter at 2.8%. This is followed by a -3.9% rate of growth for operations & maintenance contracts and -6.9% rate of growth for industrial supplies contracts.

Operations, Maintenance and Transportation % annual change in bids & rfps q2 2015 vs q2 2016 - Onvia

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