VoIP has been a growing trend among government decision-makers because it allows agencies to cut costs for voice while simultaneously enhancing service levels and reducing management hassles around maintaining two separate networks. This market is comprised of service providers who implement and maintain these systems along with major hardware OEM brands such as Cisco, Avaya and Nortel who typically supply the VoIP phones and other hardware necessary for an implementation. The following infographic provides a snapshot of some of the key indicators and dynamics of the government VoIP market. Onvia provides this data in order to assist IT vendors in understanding the government market for VoIP to enable them to grow their government business. Those who would like more information about Onvia’s bid intelligence products and capabilities are encouraged to visit our website at Share this Infographic with your network using the embed code below the image or social buttons at the top of the blog post Click Infographic to enlarge Embed this Infographic on your site