We've updated our brand identity. Here's why

For any business, brand should accurately reflect the direction of the company. We strive to move forward and shape the future of business-to-government (B2G), creating intelligence, value and efficiency by innovating new technologies in an effort to advance commerce. Even the name “Onvia” reflects our forward-looking spirit - "On" implies "onward", a continual movement; "via" implies a means of conveyance.

We've updated our visual identity to accurately reflect these core ideals that we seek to live and work by every day. At Onvia we're leading commerce intelligence in the B2G marketplace, utilizing our advanced technology and market research to unlock opportunities and improve efficiency for business and government alike.

The overall process of creating an evolved version of the Onvia brand was one that involved the entire company and was led by our marketing department. As we introduce ourselves to buyers and sellers in the B2G market, we want to make sure we dress the part and use the right signature.

As the web, graphic and brand designer of this project, I’d like to share some insight into our updated visual identity.


Our logo, in particular, is one of the most important elements of our brand. To better reflect this forward-looking spirit we have evolved our logo identity – simplified and optimized to distill it into a more powerful symbol. Since we have served as a trusted advisor in the B2G market for many years, our brand mark was already recognized and did not require any dramatic changes, so we felt that more of a subtle, modernized update would be sufficient. The new Onvia mark can be interpreted as a monogram, a pie chart or a forward arrow – the three of which, combined, symbolize a portal for business-to-government intelligence that moves commerce forward.

Onvia branding logos

We intentionally elected to position the arrow in our logo facing to the right, into the future. Taken as a whole the logo feels both current and sophisticated, which accurately fits in to the modern, increasingly digital environment that the government procurement market is becoming.

For our color palette we’ve chosen vibrant shades of red, white and blue, an intentional nod to government and a suggestion of government’s inherent importance in what we do. The particular shades of these colors – specifically, vermilion red and electron blue – have been optimized for impact and contrast.

Onvia branding colors

The typography we have chosen for our website content consists mainly of two typefaces: Pressura, a condensed sans serif typeface, and Aleo, a sleek and contemporary slab serif. These choices represent a visual tone signaling key personality traits that we aim to embody: boldness, directness, energy and confidence.

Our website also contains imagery and iconography that represents the vision of the B2G world through our lenses. We’ve created graphics representing the twelve major industry groups that Onvia analyzes, simplifying the images in the same way we aim to simplify and bring clarity to the complicated, fragmented B2G marketplace.

Onvia branding photography


At Onvia, we are constantly inspired by the goal of making public sector procurement smoother and more transparent, and as a result, providing the public with the civic dividend that comes from effective government purchasing.

We think our updated identity more accurately reflects these goals and the overall direction of our company. So we’d like to invite you to experience our vision yourself – in short, to get to know us better. Investigate our website, experience our brand, and discover all that Onvia has to offer to business, government and society at large.



Blake Wetterauer

Web & Graphic Designer, Brand Manager