Onvia has just released its next-generation sales intelligence platform for businesses selling to the government. Onvia 8 is designed to help users act faster on government contract leads and grow their sales to the public sector.

Businesses selling to federal, state, local and education agencies face the challenge of navigating a fragmented, complex and competitive marketplace. Onvia 8 addresses this challenge by enabling proactive sales and marketing professionals to work more efficiently, plan more strategically and get ahead of the bid.

We've connected with our clients and users to research and fully understand their workflows and the challenges they face. As a result, we've developed Onvia 8 to help users across sales and marketing to work more connected and stay more productive – from getting their hands on the data, to qualifying, distributing and pursuing opportunities.

Chris Woerner, SVP of Product, Onvia

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Here are five key features of Onvia 8 that businesses of all sizes can use to succeed in selling to the government:


Get Critical Bids and Updates Anywhere, on any Device

Users can access leads in ways that are convenient for them – in their inbox through daily email notifications, on their mobile device during their morning commute, or through a cloud-based search portal. Onvia 8’s enhanced user interface was designed to accelerate the lead qualification process and improve efficiency for the increasingly time-constrained sales or marketing professional. New features within the Onvia 8 platform help users track the leads that are most important to them, identify key information and reveal critical project details and documents.

I just started using the new Onvia experience and wow, it is great! The new workflow makes it so much easier to identify and qualify leads. I just breezed through 64 new leads and am looking forward to reviewing my new leads each and every day.

Kaety Aguirre, Estimating Assistant, VSS International


Collaborate with Team Members

Onvia 8 allows for efficient team collaboration through the sharing of leads, documents and other relevant project information, helping even those organizations that don’t use CRM systems. The newly introduced viewers license functionality allows leads and relevant project data to be distributed to those who need it most – both within the organization and across channel partners in the field.

Collaborate with your team and win government contracts


Identify Agency Contacts and Spending Trends

It’s easy to identify agency contacts, spending trends and purchase history in Onvia 8 to build a successful proposal strategy. Our agency and buyer profiles show who to contact to actively build relationships and influence future specifications.

We've gathered a lot of contact information from Onvia that we use to identify teaming partners. This saves us a lot of time trying to gather that information ourselves.

Linda Pryor, Project Assistant, Womer & Associates


Gain an Advantage on the Competition

You can uncover your competition’s award activity and other valuable insights to enhance your sales and proposal strategy by using the sales intelligence available in Onvia 8. The sets of valuable contracting data allow you to see who won a particular bid and why they won it.

Onvia - Gain an advantage on the competition


Go Beyond the Bid to Plan Strategic Campaigns

In Onvia 8, users will find current leads and future leads conveniently grouped in specific tabs so they can customize targeted lists of expiring or upcoming contracts, prepare for strategic marketing campaigns well ahead of the bid and develop long-term plans for growing sales to the public sector.

For us, it is important to stay focused on winning deals that are currently available to bid, as well as to be strategic about building future pipeline. No matter how pointed our search, Onvia seems to always be able to handle our criteria in locating the right opportunities, at the right time.

Zachary Ellis, Siemens Industry, Inc., Intelligent Traffic Systems

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