WE’VE REFRESHED OUR ANALYSIS OF GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING HOTSPOTS SEE THE 2017 RANKINGS HERE In Onvia’s latest study, 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2016, our market analysis team discovered that solid waste consulting & design contracts in the state, local and education (SLED) government market grew 19% in 2015 over 2014. Around one in four of these consulting contracts relate to improving how landfills operate for costs savings and/or environmental benefits. Out of nearly 500 unique industry categories analyzed for the report, solid waste consulting & design bids & RFPs represent the #4 ranked area for growth in the SLED government contracting market. The Traditionally ‘Low-Tech’ Waste Management Industry is Evolving For decades the public sector waste management industry has been characterized by low-tech processes and methods. However, in recent years there has been increased focus on finding ways to make garbage and recycling collection smarter and in general, innovating the business of solid waste to do more with less, protect the environment and better serve customers. A recent industry overview from Navigant Research supports this shift in focus and notes that: “[the municipal solid waste industry is] entering a period of active development, as the total volume of waste generated globally is expected to grow from 1.5 billion tons in 2014 to 2.2 billion tons by 2023.” – Navigant Research The report listed four types of smart technologies that are shaking up the industry: One smart waste management example that stands out is the trend of using RFID sensors in trash bins that notify the utility of when a collection is needed, which helps to increase gains in service efficiency and to lower overhead costs. Which Agencies Issue the Most Solid Waste Consulting & Design Contracts? Onvia’s analysis shows that firms pursuing SLED government contracts related to solid waste consulting & design are most likely to find the largest share of opportunities at the county level. County agencies accounted for a 39% share of the bids & RFPs analyzed for the report. Contractors shouldn’t ignore the opportunities from city governments though, which come in at a close second with a 37% share. Businesses can further narrow their pursuits by focusing their efforts on the top 5 states for issuing solid waste consulting & design contracts highlighted in the heatmap below: How to Get Ahead of the Competition and Win More Solid Waste Consulting & Design Contracts With the awarded value of SLED solid waste consulting & design contracts averaging a healthy $757,000, contractors have the opportunity to secure long-term government clients by embedding their services in large waste management efficiency and technology efforts for years to come. Onvia recommends that businesses who are interested in pursuing these contracts first focus their outreach efforts on county and city agencies, who issue the majority of the contracts. Furthermore, efforts to find these efficiencies in waste management and to make the industry smarter are generally long-term projects for an agency. Those firms who track early mentions of future spending related to solid waste consulting & design in agency budgets and capital improvement plans can greatly increase their chances of winning more contracts. Solid Waste Consulting & Design Isn’t the Only Growing Area in Government Contracting Watch the video below to learn about 9 other contracting hotspots that have seen notable growth rates in bids & RFPs over the last two years: