In our recent special report, 10 Hotspots in Government Contracting for 2017, Onvia’s B2G market research team found that improving medical equipment was the top-ranked government spending hotspot in the last 12 months.

Data gathered in Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) indicated that growth in purchasing of medical supplies and new innovations in medical technology has been strong, particularly at public hospitals and health centers run by state and local agencies. The volume of bids and RFPs for medical equipment rose 21% over the past year.

Medical Equipment Bids & RFPs

The entire medical device market is currently worth $484 billion, a large part of which is selling medical supplies to government agencies like hospitals and health centers. One driver of this demand is a greater focus on innovative technologies that support testing and prevention, along with an emphasis on patient care outside of the traditional hospital environment.

Major device makers of multiple types of products like Baxter International, Cardinal Health, General Electric, Medtronic, Phillips Healthcare and Siemens make up a large part of the market. But there is still room for small businesses that offer a specific type of medical technology, according to research company IBISWorld.

Small operators (i.e. companies employing fewer than 20 people) are common in this industry; these operators typically specialize in developing technology and products for a niche area.


Examples of Selling Medical Supplies to Government

With increasingly informed consumers wanting the best possible quality of care – and with a need to keep expenses low – agencies are putting out more bids and RFPs for medical devices to provide better and more cost-effective medical and dental services. Many of these opportunities to win government contracts can be found at the federal level, but state and local government still represents an important segment of this market. The top state for these contracts was New York, which accounted for 13% of bids and RFPs for selling medical supplies.

Top 10 States for Medical Equipment Bids & RFPs

There are thousands of these types of government contracting leads that can be found in Onvia’s B2GIS. Here are three examples:

  • Software for Portable X-Ray Machine – Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs agencies are one of the many federal departments that purchases medical devices, as in this contract for X-Ray software.

  • Dental Supplies – State of Missouri

Dental supplies and products fall into the category of medical devices, and are an item many state and local governments are purchasing.

  • Disposable Medical Equipment – Tarrant County Hospital District, TX

Small and midsize companies (SMBs) often can win more government contracts by targeting local hospital districts at the county or city level.

Discover More Government Contracting Opportunities

Bids for selling medical supplies and other new innovations in medical technology are growing faster than any area in government contracting, but there are many other areas of public sector sales opportunity – and we uncovered 10 of them in our recent research.

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