Recent popular wisdom regarding professional selling suggests that the most effective sales people “challenge” their prospects’ thinking by educating them about things that are relatable and helpful to their business. To do that effectively, they must have a basic understanding of the prospect and some awareness about both what they know, and what they need to know.

The challenge of selling in the business to government (B2G) marketplace is no easy one. While the return on the effort can be significant, the obstacles are noteworthy. Such obstacles include:

  • Getting face time with agency buyers and decision makers
  • Competing with many like-sounding vendors, providers and/or manufacturers
  • Knowing how to price services and products within a competitive range
  • Knowing the best time to engage the agency
  • Differentiating your offering from the many others that may be under consideration
  • Understanding how an agency is procuring services, whether via formal bid, from a Group Purchasing Agreement, PCard or other alternative method

Onvia clients, like this top manufacturer of public safety apparel, can take heart because they are in position to use our in-depth agency data to overcome these obstacles.

Using Historical Data

Government vendors often do not take full advantage of the information available to them that can help them better profile and understand the needs of their target agencies. In Onvia 7, every project, project preview (a future project derived from agency spending plans) and multi-year contract you track is linked to an agency record.

Search for Agencies

Contractors who utilize the agency profiles in Onvia 7 can quickly discover important information to help them better understand buyers’ needs, such as:

  • Historical spending patterns for the past 2 years
  • Spending by industry
  • Past awarded vendors
  • Projects for the past 3 years
  • Past and present contracts

Users can conduct detailed searches for specific types of services and products within this data.

Leveraging Historical Data in Your B2G Sales Efforts

So, how do our government business clients use this agency data to their advantage? Some of the ways they are “challenging” the buyers are as follows:

  • Formulate “challenging” questions regarding past relationships to understand how entrenched they are with certain companies and even the competition
  • Understand what they have paid for these services and products by looking for past awards and bid results
  • Understand who the key buyers are for your specific services/products at that agency
  • Ascertain how experienced they are with products/services like yours and let that inform your strategy
  • Get basic appended contact information for marketing and outreach efforts
  • Establish credibility with the right agency decision makers

Get Started Using Onvia’s Agency Data Today

Selling is more competitive than ever. The biggest competition is always the status quo – i.e., businesses who get too comfortable doing only what they have done in the past. Onvia’s easy-to-search agency data can provide you with a foundational knowledge of that status quo and prepare you for effective outreach activities. When used properly, these government agency profiles can help you determine how to “challenge” the buyers most effectively and set your government business apart from the competition.

For more information and assistance using agency data, contact your Client Success Manager at or request a free consultation with one of Onvia’s B2G sales experts.