Across the United States, thousands of cities, towns, counties, states, school districts and other municipalities issue nearly half a million bids and RFPs per year. Developing these solicitations takes an enormous amount of time and resources to do well. Today only a small amount of these bids and RFPs are created using a formal public sector purchasing research tool… but that’s changing with Onvia Exchange. When Governments Work Together in Procurement, Both Agencies and Their Constituents Win For decades, the National Procurement Institute (NPI) has sought to foster inter-agency collaboration among its membership. NPI members consistently raise the bar when it comes to getting the most value for the agencies’ constituents, by developing innovative new ways to get better procurement outcomes. Now, more than 300 NPI members can save time researching, comparing and benchmarking against current and past procurement documents with Onvia Exchange, the most powerful research tool custom-built for the public sector procurement professional. NPI’s Members Join the Expanding Community of Government Agencies Using Onvia Exchange Onvia Exchange is a searchable library of over 1.8 million bids, RFPs and specifications published in the past several years, with over 2,000 new records added every day. Through this library, government agencies can quickly research and incorporate materials from successful procurements into their bids and RFPs – from the most commonplace purchases such as office supplies, to the most complex services such as data center consolidation. Over 350 government agencies currently use Onvia Exchange, with members reporting time savings for preparing a new bid or RFP of more than 60%, and an increase in quality. Onvia is excited to partner with NPI and advance the shared goals of helping agencies work better together, develop better solicitations for vendors who sell to agencies, and focus on bringing quality service to their constituents.