We are excited to share the availability of Onvia Exchange, our new specification library for government agencies designed to help connect procurement professionals with relevant examples they can use to accelerate their specification authoring process and make more efficient buying decisions. Onvia Exchange Makes it Easy to Find and Share Specifications Our product team developed this online library so procurement professionals across the country can access specifications that have already been authored by their peers and share their own knowledge back with the rest of the Onvia Exchange community. Purchasers across the nation frequently buy the same products and services at the same or at different times of the year for their communities. Be it a simple order for office supplies, or a more complex purchase of body worn cameras, users can find it all in Onvia Exchange. Instead of reinventing the wheel and investing valuable resources in writing from scratch, users can access examples already written by their peers. Watch the video below to learn how the Onvia Exchange works: The Entire B2G Community Benefits from Greater Access to Data The more agencies that join Onvia Exchange the more data we can provide back to the community of agency users. Participating agencies will be required to provide their contract awards, including bid tabulations on a quarterly basis to enrich the library. As we put the data through our modern search technology, we will be able to provide users with the most complete view into the market and ultimately help them make more informed purchasing decisions. For contractors using Onvia to pursue opportunities in the public sector, this means more leads and access to more timely information. As we grow the Onvia Exchange, our product will evolve to connect contractors with the intelligence they need to pursue the most profitable opportunities and connect agencies to the data they need to streamline the entire procurement process.