More and more, government agencies are implementing cloud computing services. As in the private sector, public officials understand the need for additional resources and expertise to help manage the extensive amounts of data that is stored, shared and used in a variety of applications. Speaking of the whole cloud market, David Linthicum, Senior Vice President at Cloud Technology Partners, predicts that in 2016, the focus will be on cloud management, security and governance. While everyone in the past was picking a cloud environment, they will now look at how to operate one effectively.David Linthicum, Senior VP, Cloud Technology Partners With Onvia, companies that specialize in cloud management (such as full management systems, containers, DevOps, policies and information security) can find new business with government agencies and school districts. Onvia provides three keys companies with these cloud offerings can use to win more government contracts. 1) Easy access to the latest and most relevant bids & RFPs for cloud management Onvia’s advanced tools lets cloud management providers set up custom searches for bids & RFPs. Search results can be accessed anytime in Onvia’s platform and new projects are emailed daily. Here are a few examples of bids for cloud management that you would receive: 2) The opportunity to find and track cloud management contract renewals Onvia specializes in tracking contract renewals so cloud management providers can easily find service contracts. For example, here’s an active cloud management contract you can track in Onvia’s platform that includes award value, contract end date and agency information: 3) The ability to reach the right decision makers and influence buyers Onvia not only gives companies access to bids, RFPs and contract details, but also lists of agency contact information available for export. You will be able to target and build relationships with the right agency contacts so you can influence the outcome of contract renewals: Onvia provides you with one convenient platform to access everything you need: Receive lists of new, relevant bids & RFPs on a daily basis Never miss another opportunity or waste time searching for bids or RFPs Identify competitor contracts coming up for renewal and contract values Gain a powerful advantage and unseat your vulnerable competitors Instantly access contact lists for agency buyers & decision makers Build relationships and be in position to win bids and contract renewals With the powerful government business intelligence solution from Onvia, government cloud contractors gain a significant competitive advantage. Onvia’s platform will provide you with the most comprehensive coverage of cloud management contracts nationwide.