When March arrives, college basketball fans celebrate, and millions of Americans stop whatever they’re doing to fill out their brackets. At Onvia, we decided to celebrate March a little differently by hosting our own competition – the March Madness of Government Procurement.

We took four of the states with schools that are well known for their college basketball – Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky and North Carolina – and had them face off in a tournament. Our March Madness is a head-to-head competition between those states, using government contracting data curated in Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) to determine which state issued the most government bidding opportunities over the last year.

Government Procurement Bracket - Final Four

The first competition of our procurement Final Four is between Arizona and Kansas – let’s call it the West Regional. For this matchup, we pulled data from the B2GIS to see which state released more bidding opportunities for janitorial services over the last year.

Janitorial and cleaning opportunities exist nationwide at all levels of government. Government agencies are pushing for more efficient purchasing, and are issuing higher value, longer term contracts to maintain a larger number of facilities to accomplish this. Government janitorial contracts actually represent a great opportunity for smaller companies to get started in public sector sales. In fact, some of those janitorial services bids are for cleaning gym floors at schools and universities.

The result of this matchup? Although we found plenty of janitorial contracts up for bid in both states, Arizona topped Kansas by a thin margin.

Janitorial Products and Services - Arizona vs Kansas

Our next matchup, in our East Regional, is between Kentucky and North Carolina. For this one we looked at government transportation contracts that each state published over the last year.

Schools and universities provide an excellent opportunity for vendors to find transportation bids and RFPs. For example, in just the last three months, Onvia’s B2GIS tracked both a bid for Car Sharing Services from the University of Kentucky, and a bid for a Transportation Master Plan from the University of North Carolina System.

The competition between the two states, however, wasn’t close. North Carolina topped Kentucky by hundreds of government transportation contracts.

Transportation Services - Kentucky vs North Carolina

That means the championship round in our government procurement March Madness comes down to Arizona and North Carolina. To determine our winner, we compared education contracts available in each state over the last year.

Every year thousands of education bids and RFPs are issued by community colleges, universities and public school districts, and the market is fiercely competitive. These contracts are available in a variety of industries, and commonly include products like textbooks and art supplies, as well as services such as curriculum development and teacher evaluation and education.

Education procurement opportunities are commonly available every year in every state across the country, including Arizona and North Carolina. So who won?

Education Products and Services - Arizona vs North Carolina

It was a close one, but North Carolina beats Arizona at the buzzer. North Carolina is the champion of our March Madness of Government Procurement. Sorry, Arizona fans, there’s always next year.

Government Procurement Champion - North Carolina

At Onvia, we provide data and domain expertise on more than just government transportation contracts, education contracts and janitorial contracts. Our coverage extends across the B2G marketplace, organized in 12 main industry verticals and broken down by more than 4,000 individual industry tags. No matter what your business does, the government is probably purchasing products and services from your industry.

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