In the business-to-government (B2G) marketplace, Onvia’s B2G Intelligence System (B2GIS) is in a class of its own. It combines the most comprehensive and timely data coverage available with our advanced technology and domain expertise, and expands the opportunity for our clients to win more business with the government in both the short- and long-term.

Our clients get the highest volume and quality of contract leads and forward-looking data to help them make strategic decisions – all with quick, seamless integration to their existing systems and workflows. They have the unique opportunity to take advantage of Onvia’s valuable data, flexible integration and comprehensive line-of-sight.

Data Volume and Value

Onvia provides the most comprehensive coverage of government agencies and their purchasing activity. We capture data on a daily basis from thousands of agencies, including contract data sourced directly from our agency partners.

Our B2GIS contains data representing 95% of all published spending from governments, including federal, state, local and education agencies. And our in-house team of data analysts uses advanced technology to ensure data quality and publish 90% of all government solicitations within 24 hours of the bid or RFP being issued.

But we do more than just scrape the web. The data we collect is processed through state-of-the-art algorithms, then broken down into user-friendly terminology using our own homegrown ontology. The end result? Current, actionable intelligence that our clients use to win more government business.

Onvia has increased our pipeline by 30%... Onvia has changed the way I research. I can search for new opportunities using a variety of key phrases and discover opportunities that I never would have thought of. You can do this all day and still not exhaust this tool. I love it!

Trish Logue, Director of Marketing, Global Traffic Technologies

Workflow Adoption and Agility

We know businesses can feel overwhelmed by the vast amounts of unstructured data that exist in the B2G marketplace. They would rather spend their valuable time targeting and winning more government contracts.

Our agile, user-friendly system makes it easy for them to do just that, anywhere they go. Clients can access government leads through the B2GIS on their computer, tablet and mobile devices. Our interactive search, powered by machine tagging, makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for in terms they understand.

We strive to enhance the way our clients work, removing obstacles to help them get the job done, instead of forcing them to change their internal operations. We integrate with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems to fit directly into our clients’ day-to-day operational workflows, and our daily notification emails deliver actionable leads directly to user inboxes.

[With Onvia] I was able to focus my energy and resources on the proposal-writing portion of solicitations instead of searching for them.

Trevor Shelton, Marketing & Business Development Specialist, ECOFLO

Line-of-Sight into Past, Present and Future Leads

Proactive sellers in B2G use more than just bids and RFP information to succeed; they utilize and analyze data to better understand their future opportunities and competitive landscape. So Onvia tracks each government project across its entire lifecycle.

We collect government budgets and spending plans, using our advanced technology to extract only relevant project information. That way, clients know what a government agency is planning on spending money on months and even years in advance of the project actually going out to bid. And our team of data experts curates planholder lists, bid results and contract awards from agency websites, newspapers and through our direct relationships with government agencies to provide historical insight into agency purchasing habits and for competitive research.

We need early visibility on new opportunities, plus we need to know what clients are doing in case they go out for bid. In some cases, we also want to be in a position to provide input on the RFP specifications and vendor qualifications.

Teresa Press, AVP, Product Delivery Analyst for Treasury, Bank of America

Equip your Firm with Onvia’s Opportunity Advantage

Companies bidding on government contracts trust us to provide the broadest, deepest coverage of the entire marketplace, and we provide that through our opportunity advantage. By easily integrating our data and intelligence directly into the workflows of our clients, and supporting it all with advanced technology, Onvia’s B2GIS makes it easy for them to expand their government business opportunity.

Request a free consultation with one of our experts to learn how we can help your business earn more revenue from the government.