The business-to-government (B2G) market is a dynamic one that is constantly changing. Businesses that supply the public sector with valuable products and services don’t want to miss out on relevant leads, but they can have trouble keeping up with the rapid pace of government contracts. And with the cycle time for bids and RFPs being reduced every year, companies wanting to succeed need to get in on procurement opportunities faster than their competitors.

So how do proactive businesses get ahead in this complicated market? By partnering with the right provider of public sector sales leads.

The best such providers can give these businesses insight into projects, competitors, channels and trends, as well information on the right contacts to reach out to and when the best time to reach out is. But the government intelligence market is crowded with vendors selling only the easiest-to-find bids while attempting to make a quick sale – making it crucial to select a provider that gives you the most value, volume and usability.

To make sure you are choosing the correct provider of sales intelligence and sales leads, here are nine key questions you should be considering before making your selection.


Can you trust that you aren’t missing any actionable public sector sales leads?


Do you receive your leads in time to prepare to beat out the competition?


Does your provider source from federal, state, local and education agencies?


Are you getting the full line of sight into every project throughout its full lifecycle?


Can you access targeted lists of agency buyers and decision makers?


Do you have insight into where governments will be spending money in the future?


Is your sales team given onboarding training and ongoing support?


Does the data you get fit seamlessly into the systems your team is already using?


Do you get access to your sales leads wherever you are, on whatever device you use?

Get More Guidance with the Buyer’s Guide to Selecting a Provider of Public Sector Sales Leads

It can be challenging when sorting through the cluttered landscape of sales intelligence providers in the B2G market. So it can help to keep in mind some of the key criteria that your company needs when doing business with the government, including:

  • Comprehensive coverage of government bids and RFPs
  • Line-of-sight into every project throughout its full lifecycle
  • A system that is both easy to implement and use
  • CRM integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Direct connections with government agencies

For more insight into how you can select the best provider of government contracting leads, you can download this complimentary report, Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Right Source for Public Sector Sales Leads. You can get the insight you need to help your company grow its sales to the public sector.

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